10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss The Glory Fire Experience With Ruyonga

It’s very easy to put out a successful single, and you would get a round of applause if you put out an album. It will be taking music business to another level to stage a successful concert. Ruyonga has met all these criteria for the past 2 years, he has a number of successful music out, garnering lots of respect on the radio airwaves, Dj playlists and online media. His album Victory Music together with the Victory music concert were all a sellout.

 He is back this year with what is called the Glory Fire Experience.

So listen up real close for some of the reasons why I believe you shouldn’t miss out on this plot.

The opener; The Glory Experience

There is one on the 6th August tagged as the Glory Experience, tickets are going for a smooth 50,000 UGX and come with a FREE ALBUM CD, it is more of a cozy corporate feel and you get to have a more up close and personal touch from Ruyonga.

The Grand finale; The Fire Army Show

The Fire Army show happening at the Makerere University Football Grounds on the 8th of August is the mega showdown, the ultimate experience. With tickets at 5,000 UGX and 35,000 UGX for a VIP treat with a free Album CD. This turns out to be my favorite because I love crowds, noise, lights and huge sound.

The release of the Glory Fire album

Well…this is going to be his most recent album, poised to be his best work so far, with much diversity in the production, features and the authenticity of the message behind the album. On the same dates the Glory Fire album will be released, I could say the much anticipated Glory Fire album will be released. Now that’s a good thing, because CDs will be available as well.

A complete Live Band Performance

This won’t be one of those concerts where the artist performs over his CD, this is going to be purely a live band experience, all the music. If one is a fan of live band, this should be a place to be at.

What?! A surprise International Artist? Yes

A guest artist will be in the country, it is top secret at the moment but when the moment arrives and he/she will be revealed. Word has it around that the surprise artist is renown on the African continent. Let’s leave room for surprises. Am leaving lots of it.

Guest Performances

A host of local artists will grace the stage and perform alongside with Ruyonga, the lineup has Levixone, K!MERA, Maurice Kirya, Myko Ouma and more interestingly Annet Nandujja and the famous Pr. Wilson Bugembe of whom we have had it confirmed that Ruyonga features them on the album. Nuff said!

New Music Performances 

The Glory Fire season is doubling as an album release, there will be a number of new music performances, yes he will perform some of his recent releases and hits but also some new music will be performed coming off the Glory Fire album. Who doesn’t like listening to some exclusive new stuff?

Music Video Premiers

Now this is one of the best news for these two nights, we can’t confirm at the moment the definite number, but there will be premiering of new music videos for some of the music on the Glory Fire album, all showing live as Ruyonga is on stage. This is something new that we hope will add a unique flavor to the Glory Fire concerts. He promised that he will be putting out great visuals on the nights, totally looking forward to the Midas touch this hopes to add.

An icing to the cake with a little personal touch of experience

A lot of “feeling” has been attached to the concert and the album and Ruyonga promises to communicate personally to everyone who comes out for these shows and buys the CD. He says “I have put my heart into all of this music, a lot of personal touch to this music and I want to tell a story, to empower the people. “

The Brand; Ruyonga

If ever you need an artist that has mastered the authenticity of the hip hop genre and still knows how to get the party going, think of Ruyonga. The only reason to pay attention to either the Glory Fire album or the concerts is because Ruyonga has over the years worked and earned that spot as one of the hardest hip hop artists on the African continent. He has fans from all walks of life and has respect from the media.

With that said this will at the end of the day be one of the biggest concerts and albums this year, it’s a wonderful thing to see that hip-hop/rap is progressing with such momentum. And there is a no one else to be doing it in a major way at the moment other than the man Ruyonga himself.

Allow me to wholly recommend that you don’t miss this experience.

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