Kirk Franklin Talks About His Addiction And His Love For The God Of Gospel Music

While promoting his his ‘Gospel Brunches’ House Of Blues, Kirk Frankilin had an interview with LA Weekly which I would like to share with you guys.

This is the gist of what they got to talk about. One, apart from the obvious talk about ‘Gospel Brunches’ and Kirk Franklin’s input in rebranding the club musical show, they got to talk addiction to pornography. What caught my attention however, is the answer to the how an up and coming gospel artist can avoid these pitfalls?

Well, before I spill the beans for you. Find the interview here.


Let me just be quick to add, the advice does not apply to just gospel artiste’s. I would like to think it applies to anyone. In this interview he says, “It wasn’t necessarily a double life, it was an undisciplined life.” He continues to say, “And for me, gospel music is not my life — the God of the gospel is my life. Music is just one of the expressions of my appreciation.”

You may as well just check the video here. And when you are happy about what you’ve seen here. Share with your friends. A good reminder is that our party is on. More details here. Get yourself a ticket ASAP.

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