Mr Googz Hits On Willy Paul And Company

Many know him as the  “Wasee tumetoka Githurai” hit maker who later turned into a Gospel artist and a strong critique of the business minded gospel artists.

He claims that before he saw the light he tranversed the whole world and saw real money and women but later realized all this is vanity.

The bad boy turned pastor claims that the things Gospel artists are searching in the name of the LORD are just evil and they need to see the light. But his recent attack came just as the much hyped Groove award was taking place.  He referred to them as ”business idiots” on his facebook page and further said that he feels as if he can chase them out of the temple as  Jesus Christ did.  In earlier interviews he attacked Gospel jam sessions like ”Dance 316 hosted by Dj Sadic and Cross-connect hosted by Dj Mo.

He said that it’s high time hypocricy evaded the church and God be respected instead of pretending all is well while many are heading to hell. This comes at a time when many Gospel Artists are into scandals including 2013  Male Artist of the year Willy Paul who is into sex scandals. Since Mr Googz seems to be the only one speaking the truth and calling it as it is, will he stand the test of times. 

Read the whole article at Uhondo254.

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