When All Roads Led To Jackie Senyonjo Unplugged

The day is 21st June and all roads lead to Watoto Church Central for Jackie Senyonjo unplugged proudly brought to us by 104.1 Power fm. Gates were to be opened by 6:30pm but by about 4:00pm the place was already showing signs of containing the numerous people that turned up.

The reasons they came ranged from ‘Jogenda’ to ‘Netaaga Gwe’ then ‘ndoopera gwe’, and of course Bumper.

The night begins with Dj Muji on the decks spinning mad, then to a starter by one of the best Drummers and musicians in the person of Vale. The other opening acts included the crazily talented Patricia Mujungu, Hawa Musa A’bale (the Yesu Ye Answer and Ampadde Amanyi hit singer). Then to add the icing to the cake, the audience was treated to music from Ken Miziki that got Levixone coming on stage and doing a duo dance getting the crowd set for the main act, Jackie.

The MC for the night comes on to let all the ladies scream and then, the lights go off. All eyes on the screen. Words displayed “9:45 am! Location unknown!” and something else in those lines. She then starts to sing Jackie’s “Netaga Gwe” with earphones on and getting off beat and key, but that got everyone shaking with laughter at how this youngster was singing to Jackie’s music.

Lights off again. The back-up vocalists get on stage with the band then Jackie Senyonjo comes on stage singing ‘Naandibadewa’ amidst cheers, shouts and all the like. Dressed in an amazing attires and great hairdo and makeup, she sung her away on this song. Well, who wouldn’t, after all, “where would we be without God?”

As this one came to an end, an overly excited Jackie then says, “Wabula mebale kujja.” She thanks the crowd shortly, then goes on to deliver a great performance of her song that reminds you ‘Tagobera wabweru’ (literal meaning, God can never chase you away). Then came the road to a black gospel music road trip that reminded us it will be over in the morning. This one also brought another great vocal powerhouse in Elizabeth (sorry, I don’t know her other name) but she, on top of being Jackie’s musical director, is also a musical director at kansanga Miracle Centre. 

You see, this is what stood out for me from the show, it was a little more than just the entertainment. In fact after a performance of a couple of her other songs, she went on to do a rendition of Cece Winans’ Jesus You Are Beautiful that got Pastor Ronnie Habasa (he was my youth pastor during vacation, so I can’t resist calling him pastor), the MC and power fm presenter made an alter call.

As the show went on, Gospel Artiste Wilson Bugembe made it to the concert to show her support. Then Jackie came back to do among many others, ‘Netaga Gwe’ that got everyone on their feet. With that, all we were all waiting for was ‘Bumper.’ This one came after the giving of the love offering and it brought Ken Miziki back on stage to do hit ‘Ekintambuza.’ When this was done, we all agreed, this was an evening well spent and made for our homes. A great concert indeed. And I must tell you I could see all the WeMix ladies and gents grooving and chatting away during and after the show. Keep it WeMix.

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