A September 2 Remember Featuring Price Love

Live concerts are always exciting, given the kind of electricity generated on stage and certainly within the audience. It gets better when the music is dynamic, easily accompanying one on a trip through emotions and various forms of intellectual engagement.

Sunday 22nd September finally delivered the highly anticipated ‘September to Remember’ concert in fullness of musical flavours. Hosted at the Serena hotel Victoria hall, the ambience was set right for an entertaining evening which doubled as a charity concert as well as album launch.

Well, not all was well at the onset, given the MAJOR delays in kicking off the do. The show was slated to commence at 4 pm but had to wait till 6:30 pm much to the frustration of attendants who had to look for ways of passing time till the start. Albeit, when it kicked off, it breathed life into the hall with an elaborate but nicely done overture from the band and a stationed DJ. This liveliness intensified with a do from Pragmo on the keytar and he did with such bravura, creating intense but expressive contemporary melodies that seemed to echo on and on in the grandness of the hall and when he was done, he surely left a charged and delectable expectancy that perfectly ushered in Price.  

She arrived on stage alight a stair case at one end of the stage, suavely but with a purposeful cadence devoid of the usual pomp in an all green chic outfit and perfectly matched hairdo, thanked everyone that turned up and straightaway kicked into Sweet Surrender. This solo act was quickly captivating with such powerful lyrics embellished with an equally great voice and when it was done, one could tell the crowd had ardently warmed up to Price. The tempo rose as she next performed Incredible accompanied by strong vocalists; the piece was accompanied by guitar which harmonized the fusion. The intensity was maintained in the rhythmic Mama and the exuberance in this one was immediately contagious as sections of the audience could easily be seen swaying to the piece. One cannot simply forget the exceptional back up vocalists who sang so mellowly on this piece and the instrumentalists whose mastery was evident from the onset.  Price then ended the first part of her show with Mystery and she actually left the stage before the piece was done, leaving the backup vocalists to wind it.

During the ‘break’, the audience was treated to guest artiste Tamba, who performed Mamkamwe with the kind of charm associated with seasoned artistes. Her performance became engaging as she did Rukiri and this got many shuffling their feet to the traditional rhythms of ‘Ekitaguriro’a dance popular in south western Uganda. This act was followed by Richy who can always be trusted to spice things up with amazing vocals, and he did so effortlessly like one on top of his game with two pieces.

The MC of the night adeptly gave remarks about the concert and also thanked the sponsors WeMix, Nomad, Hostalite plus the audience that had turned up in amazingly great numbers. He then promptly ushered the audience into the next phase, just as Price walked back on stage differently arrayed in orange garb and with her hair undone. 

She took the audience through an elaborate piece Rise with Eli on keys. This solo act set a gentle mood, a perfect ground for delivering a rich message on rising from one’s ashes and embracing God ordained destiny. A short interview with Price followed and the audience got know the genesis of her music career for which it must be said is deeply rooted in serving God from an early age, the purpose of the concert was to raise funds for Rakel community secondary school which she visited and it also served to release her 10 track album.


Price then introduced Xabu, a trio of talented acapella vocalists who engaged the audience with bold but perfectly harmonized vocals. Theirs was a performance that kept on building momentum till a climax in the piece ‘African woman’ which brought the best out of the individuals and also infused a different kind of energy into the concert. In the next piece, Price did the introduction of Your Day while plucking Adungu, a traditional stringed instrument. Interestingly, she was backed up by a small group of young girls, possibly teens as part of the class she (Price) teaches, including a violinist. Initially, the act was slightly dogged by incoordination but blended before long. Her main backups complemented the piece and the band once again brought it home with a balanced touch of instrumentals.


The next two pieces He’s Able and Someone’s knocking at the door were done with one of the members of the backup trio taking centre stage while Price featured. That said, the performance was actually exhilarating with vocal richness.  Price then did God’s calling with Eli and the duo did justice to a piece laden with a heart-warming message; the near perfect blend of the vocals and keyboard accompaniment pushed this piece on the ‘Act of the night’ list. It got better with my name, a solo for Price with Eli on keys (guitar). The bravura exhibited by Eli plucking acoustic guitar could be story for another day as it was a mixture of adventure and intensity, all speaking volumes on the sheer mastery; complete this with smooth vocals from Price and you had something akin to a virtuoso performance.


The rhythmic Don’t give up was performed with accompaniment from the band and it successfully delivered on all ends of the musical spectrum, perfectly setting the stage for the final piece. In His image had a ‘groovy’ touch that sent the audience on their feet and straight to the dance floor to savour the last bits of the dynamic and exciting concert.  The curtains fell down as Price reiterated her gratitude to all who had played a part in making the concert a success, but before the very end, the audience as is customary asked for one more piece, to which Price obliged and redid In His image, sending many into a joyous frenzy.  


Much as poor time management, inadequate stage set up, sparse colour and occasional sound mishaps dogged the concert intermittently, on the whole this was a September to Remember and it truly showcased Price Love in the full manifestation of her gift that is assuredly taking God’s kingdom beyond leaps and bounds. Price without a doubt has phenomenal talent and has ‘risen’ and left a mark that the world will remember for a lifetime.

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