Phila Kaweesa, in his FAITH WALKS album, makes a bold statement of Roots/African reggae sound embedded in his DNA, for use to the glory of God!!! Musically, the album is a beautiful Roots-African Reggae fusion varied from track to track but oscillating in between.

Viewed as a non-compromising follower of Christ in his message; Phila is a serious, straight-laced gospel minister, projecting a seasoned, strong-trained voice. His vocal ability and use of legitimate patois is impeccable. He holds a history of persistence to the spiritual music craft, against all odds painting every piece of work with his revelationary knowledge of scripture.

His message to the contemporary Christian is an urge to awake and be wise about the deception of Babylon of our day. He issues the instruction to keep our eyes on the things above not things temporal (earthly), an exhortation to righteous living keeping our eyes on Jesus. All the while being mindful of our final accountability to God.


FAITH WALKS tracklisting:

1. Run Run ft. Strait Eloquent

2. All Men Cry ft. Ruyonga

3. Books Will Be Open

4. Sweet Jesus ft. Daisy Ejang

5. She’s a murderer

6. Garden of Love

7. African Yute

8. Cross

9. African Love ft. Irene Ntale

10. Kind of Love 

11. Sunshine Love ft. Brian Mugenyi Seremba

12. Don’t Delete ft. Dafari

13. Time Fi Rise

14. Secret

15. All Men Cry ft Jay Way

16. Illuminati

17. Wicked Man Run


Key tracks, analysis.

In an imperative voice through, Don’t Delete!  he implores ministers of the gospel not to delete the message of Christ in their music, for whatsoever reason (mammon or other).

Garden of Love is a starkly descriptive song of the beautiful heavenly place ‘where the flowers move to a rhythm!’  and the nearly inexplicable genre of LIFE therein. In the lyrics, he speaks of the un-defiled innocence, beauty and purity of love. It is a very detailed roots song which apparently received wide airplay in Jamaica.

Tracks like Books Will Be Open, She’s a Murderer, make a perfect build to and strongly compliment the message in Garden of Love. He urges humanity to denounce the deceptions of the world and live right because when ‘Books will be opened’ a reward awaits! All Men Cry ft. Edwin Ruyonga genuinely acknowledges the sufferings of the human experience, while pointing us to the Savior whose promise to us is abundant life.

African Yute  which can loosely be translated to mean African Youth, is a song that communicates his AFRICAN HERITAGE with confidence, pride and high esteem, in the African Identity; putting musical notes and melody, to the common phrase ‘proud to be African’!

The track Kind of Love, has strong instrumentation-giving a rare groove; just as the electric guitar strings in Illuminati are well fitting.

Sunshine Lover is the ‘lovers’ ball’ kind of rendition. A love song that Phila apparently wrote and sang for his wife. It is laced with so much emotion and deep lyrical strength. “Secret” praises the ideal woman according to proverbs 31 with a similarity to Zion Daughter, previously done with Kingsley William and later Michelle the Brand.

The accompaniments; the personalities featured on the tracks are equally talented musically and easily blend with Phila. Daisy Ejang, with her soft but strong and melodiously sweet vocals truly ministered in Sweet Jesus. Dafari did not disappoint but made strong delivery in Don’t Delete and Brian Mugenyi made a bold statement on Sunshine Lover, with his characteristic saxophone skills!

His personal word about the album. 

He says: “Faith without works is dead. That kept running through my mind, in the season of hardship during which I wrote that album. “Garden of Love” and “she’s a Murderer” are my very best tunes, because they are directly heavenly inspired. The mixing in all the music is great.


Production: Trophimus Odie of Kish records.

“Secret”and “she’s a Murderer” by Kingsley William.

Illuminati, a ‘Gala Was’ riddim from Jamaica.


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