PHATFEST 2013: A Host Of Great Artistry

One of the biggest events of the year is back, PHATFEST 2013, an event by 104.1 Power FM a local Christian Radio station one of the local stations at the forefront of impacting lives through Gospel music.

Over the years PHATFEST has evolved to a highly sought after event, redefining Christian entertainment; providing a platform for local and international artistes to give a live feel of their music. This year PHATFEST will host some of the finest artistes both on the local and international scene. As WeMix we will be there to enjoy this lineup but before the event happens we have some reasons as to why you should attend this awesome event by taking a glimpse of the artistes set to grace this event. 

Let’s dive in:

Artistes: Mag44 & Pompi

Country: Zambia

Known for his masterful production from his hometown record label, Lotahouse, Mag44 the sensational producer/rapper will surely grace PHATFEST with his unique afro-hiphop style. With an album out “Jijue(Self Discovery)” that received warm appreciations from music lovers across the African continent. The punchlines in his music and the playful use of african lyrics and sounds has made him one of the sought after artistes on the continent.

Songs to watch out for: Vichani, Pwililika, Takwaba, Shipikisha


Pompi, label mate on Lotahouse with Mag44, this afro, rnb, hiphop artiste has for a good time been an icon of gospel music across the African continent, with his unique vocals and heart soothing music, he has consistently delivered rich music that has captured the hearts of both the mainstream and Christian music lovers. He featured on this year’s reality show, Big Brother for a performance during one of the eviction nights. He will surely engage the crowd to connect with his music intimately. His album released late last year, “Mizu” not only made record sales but also exposed a jewel that Gospel music is blessed to be with.

Songs to watch out for: Giant Killer, Packaging, No Rent

Artistes: Sho Baraka & Benjah

Country: USA

Sho Baraka one of the leading voices of Christian Hip Hop today, will be coming to Kampala, Uganda for PHATFEST, yes you heard right!!! Sho Baraka will be in town. The former reach records artiste of which label currently hosts Lecrae, Tedashii, Derek Minor, Trip Lee, Andy Mineo & K.B, some of the finest hip hop artistes today. With 3 albums under his belt, touring on several Unashamed conferences, featuring on a number of record hitting projects, successfully engineering the “Man Up” album, concert series & movie and setting up High Society a collective that features J.R, Natalie Simms f.k.a Suzzy Rock & super producer Swoope. A lot can be said about Mr Amisho Baraka, all we can say his music speaks for itself.

Songs to watch out for: We Can Be More, Famous, Word, Ali

He has taken time to craft his skill in production, rapping & soulful hooks, with a unique touch of reggae in his music this hiphop artiste will surely amaze. He has featured on projects by Sho Baraka, Lecrae among others. He has two albums under his belt his most recent “Vanity Fare” amassing a wide audience. He’s a passionate artiste who surely the crowd will enjoy.

Songs to watch out for: Feel So Alone, Work, Walkin’ Out, 3rd World Fam

Artistes: Kris Erroh & Dk Kwenye Beat

Country: Kenya

Kris Erroh the hilarious Kenyan artiste will be back on the PHATFEST platform, after gracing the event last year. The energetic performer who will not stop at nothing but to throw the crowd into frenzy. He is known for a number of great hits. This producer/artiste will be one of the major lookouts at PHATFEST.

Songs to watch out for: Mmh Baba, Katikia Yesu, Msalaba

DK kwenye Beat known widely for his contribution on “Furi Furi” dance with Jimmy Gait a major hit all over Africa and most recently his song “Sari Sari”, DK Kwenye Beat will surely bring the power and energy of a great afro dance artiste that he is.  

Songs to watch out for: Sari Sari, Asusu

Artistes: Jackie Ssenyonjo, Phila, Levixone, Ruyonga, Holy Keane Amooti, Wilson Bugembe, Exodus, Coopy Bly & Myko Ouma

Country: Uganda

Jackie being the only female artiste on the line up, one has to give it up to her. She has worked hard in the past year and Power Fm was quick to notice and take advantage of the fact that her music was far reaching. She is on the PHATFEST rotta with one mission; to deliver.

Songs to watch out for: Bumper, Neetaga Gwe

After a long spell of being identified as part of the singing duo; Kingsley & Phila, and after a successful release of their album “Fire Fall” a while ago, they both decided to take some time off and concentrate on individual projects. Phila has been in studio working on his first solo album, “Faith Walks” which is already done and is in the offing for an official release. He has continued to work hard and deliver rich music. The reggae artiste will grace PHATFEST yet again.

Songs to watch out for: Secret, Garden of Love, She’s A Murderer, Books Will Be Open

Afro Pop RnB artiste, Levixone will be proud to grace the PHATFEST platform with his music which has quickly rubbed onto thousands and is continually spreading. In the last year he held a reggae/worship concert which opened up doors for his music into people’s hearts. This young energetic performer will surely be one artiste to look out for at PHATFEST 2013.

Songs to watch out for: Niiwewe, Kilooto, Kangende Nono

This inspirational rapper who is not ashamed of his faith in Christ will be at PHATFEST 2013. With a number of albums under his belt and after the successful release of his recent album; “Victory Music” he left people demanding for more. PHATFEST 2013 is hosting this great artiste yet again. Those who missed the Victory Music Concert here is another reason as to why you should attend PHATFEST 2013, Ruyonga will be in the house with one purpose, to bring it down!

Songs to watch out for: God Moves, Victory Music, Tukutendereza, Eija Nkutware, Tutuuse

Holy Keane Amooti is a fan of many; his music speaks for itself, after breaking onto the scene with his massive tune, “Jah Jehovah” and recently “Hero”, “Guide Me” & “Am to Pm” he has continued to become one of the icons that God is using to take the music world by storm. He will be at PHATFEST 2013

Wilson Bugembe, also a Pastor, is a celebrated legendary gospel musician in Uganda, having hits after hits; his music connects with the simplest of messages and is easy to identify with. With a number of albums under his belt and still counting, his music is loved by almost everyone. Surely he will be one of the crowd favorites at PHATFEST 2013.

Songs to watch out for “Mpangira”, “Bilibabitya” 

Known for hits such as “Ganja Man”, “Addicted”, “Prophecy” & “Igwe” which have been successful on the mainstream market, Exodus is an artiste whose style of music is revered, a great performer and one to look out for at PHATFEST. His latest album “Igwe” received much appreciation locally and internationally, he is one artiste that the platform will enjoy to have.

Coopy Bly, arguably one of the best voices out there, his music is a pure gem, known for hits such as “Bwaka”, “Nyweza”, “Sida Mu Kyalo” recently “Anjagala” & “I Do”. His performances are heart throbbing & a presence at PHATFEST adds the icing on the cake for the crowd that will show face.

Known for his vocals & unmatched guitar skills, Myko Ouma, is an all in one package artiste, after the successful Myko Ouma Season II concerts, which received record breaking turn ups, the artiste will brace the PHATFEST platform as well.


On the wholesome, PHATFEST 2013 will be a mega music festival, as we will be immersed into a huge pool of great music. This all goes to show that Gospel music has grown. 

What makes this artiste line up very interesting is that all these artistes have put out serious projects in the past year or so, which represents a deep growth that the Gospel music fraternity has enjoyed thus far.

A lot is desired, but before it is desired we have a lot to appreciate and PHATFEST 2013 can be one of those ways we can appreciate the growth!

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