Papa San One Blood Album Review

“One blood,” is Papa San’s latest album and there is a lot that could be written about it. From the fact that he features another artiste on almost all songs except one, making this album a must listen.

First up was Step Up’ ft Da T.R.U.T.H and I had to ask,

“Who is this dude???”

Of course I know who Da T.R.U.T.H is, and this is why this song will hit you hard, it is the best of both worlds. It carefully reconciles Papa San’s fast rhythm to Da T.R.U.T.H’S flow. This coming from one of the best and fastest Dancehall/Reggae artistes with regards to both the mainstream and Christian music fraternities, you will just love this.

He then teams up with Fred Hammond to bring you a great message of God’s faithfulness in a song that speak volumes to your soul. It is a song entitled, ‘Your eyes are on me.’ Trust me when I say this song has the right message to lift you up from a low mode. And surely as the title suggests, God’s eyes are on you.

Next is, ‘Radio’ ft Lecrae the rap genius. This one, you will get you hooked from the intro. The message is plain and simple, “Make wi play it pon di radio, Jesus love me from the head to toe……” Yes, Crae, “we’re Christians but we’re dangerous.” Talk of the violent taking it by force.

The kicks, these beats I can feel the roof shaking. It had to be the title track with an invitation to everyone, “No matter where you’re from. There’s blood for everyone. One Blood. Let the weak say I am strong.” Stitchie, a legendary dancehall artiste, is featured in this one and if you’ve listened to his music, you know what we are talking about. These guys are going hard on that beat. Song also reminds me of the WeMix theme, UNITY. We’re united by the blood of Christ.

From the moment the intro to the song ‘Running’ played, I felt a fresh sound was on the way. Then came Tasan (Papa San’s daughter) and I was not disappointed. She sets the waves upon which Papa San sails to safe a landing when he calls every backslider back home. 

Get Right’. The only song on the album that has Papa San doing his thing alone. As the beat fades away, you hear the upbeat ‘Revival’ song start to play. Israel Houghton comes on after Papa San’s delivery of his verse and a hook with La, La, La, La, La……. This one you need to sing when you are absent minded. Probably doing dishes. Can you picture it? We have just brought you in on 7 of the 13 tracks on the album. If these were the only songs on the album, I would still love it as much.

But, true to his craft which we have come to love, there is more where that came from. The song ‘Show Me’ features Tiffany Hall. Unlike the first hard-core dancehall dominated songs, it has the touch of reggae to it. After this, Tyrone Andrew brings back some Urban/Hip Hop sound to the album. If you ask me, from what we’ve listened to so far, this is a very well balanced album. It takes you to the real dancehall/reggae and fuses it with hip hop and urban styles in a packaging that is comfortable to your consumption.

And now, the song we’ve been waiting for. (Am I allowed to say this?, I am already biased towards this one. It is nice even before I listen to it.) I mean, when you have DJ Nicholas and Papa San on one track, what do you expect? Wonders only. ‘God is the best’. Should I say more? 

I am your ears for now. The song playing is “God by my side” featuring Ryan Mark (Reynolds) who was ranked one of the top eight gospel deejays in Jamaica by the Love Herald (In 2003).  ‘Blessings’  follows featuring Sherwin Gardner who needs no introduction. The album winds down with an exhortation “Don’t give up the Fight” featuring Jael Wiafe.

Remember that I told you this album is for keeps, go get it on itunes. And now, you have a glimpse of what to expect, only that no amount of words could explain something that has taken time to conceive,  required enormous growth and the contribution of all these great Gospel artistes with their respective genres, crafting the “One Blood” ministry tool. All the praises go to God for the birthing of the message. You may also want to know that most of the songs were produced by Tyshane Thompson and Maurice Gregory working alone and/or together or with some other producers.  Time to listen over and over again. Out. 

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