Carlisto – Pengine Leo ft. Adawnage Band

Carlisto is a gospel rap artist from Nairobi, Kenya. He got born again in 2004 and began his musical journey in September 2005 when he was a 1st year student in the university.

 He partly attributes his style of music to influence from a number of Kenyan artists who blended with his own rap and spoken word backgrounds have made up the fusion of styles and genres that is his music today. Carlisto has a high affinity for Hip Hop accompanied by live instruments – something he calls ‘Acoustic Hip Hop – an element of his music he attributes hugely to having done and still doing a lot of events alongside one of Kenya’s best bands, Adawnage. An avid guitar student, it is commonplace to have him perform with his guitar when not backed up by a band. Other influences include Mutua, Mbuvi, Astar and Juliani. 

Carlisto – Pengine Leo ft. Adawnage Band | DOWNLOAD

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