That Never-Ending Discussion About Maurice Kirya’s Stance In Gospel Music

In all honesty, this is perhaps a harder task than I had thought. And the reasons why, you may find out from the writing. When did I first get to hear of Maurice Kirya? Probably it was after his “Genda Okole (Go do some work),” song with Tanzanian Rapper, AY.

By then I was not Christian, but then again, the song was nice and beautiful. Then came the days when he did songs like “close your eyes and you will realise. All those people were telling you lies. If I was a dress in your closet. I’m afraid I wouldn’t be your size.” If you were in the place I was at that time, you must have listened to that and probably other songs that I may remember later.

Then, after what seemed ages. MISUBBAAWA! And that one hit with a bang. The message was right and of course the Christian stations that I listen to gave it massive airplay. What was a Christian who loves great music and this one coming from Uganda to do? One, throw away all their preconceived ideas about his secular music. (Please note that I am writing from a point of view of someone who avoids secular music. And whether, you as a person is of the view that secular music is bad, or it is totally good, or you just sieve out the poison out of milk and still drink the remaining content, I shall not go there.)

Okay, where were we? Yes. The Misubbaawa song and later the album. Shall I say how proud I am of Maurice for walking the road not travelled by many Ugandan Musicians? In my opinion, Misubbaawa is an album that an instrumentalist, a vocalist, writer, and a good lover can listen to. It is that album that a Christian can listen to and probably not care so much what others would say. At that point, some of us hoped and probably prayed that he would stay there. If he was a traditionally Gospel artiste, we would have said he went mainstream. But seeing that he started out all secular, it was a place of reconciling music in its pure form with a positive and clean message of love.

Then came, “I don’t wanna fight.” And it was still cool. After that, “Work it Out.” To which I was not sure how to react. Then when I heard “Blue dress, “which Kind of reminds me of that Denzel Washington movie, “Devil in a blue dress,” I was like, “Okay???” I am not going to pretend here that while watching my TV I accidentally saw the video. And eh? What does a Christian hoping that he stays in the safe zone do? And here is where we need to really think critically, must we always fall in the bandwagon of feasting on music that is not clear-cut gospel? That is for you to answer.

Now, I know you are going to say that I am judging. Yes, I judge that he probably wants to walk the extra mile in his music. I however wonder whether he is not taking a road trip back to where he was before the Misubbaawa album. My guess is, with his recent music, he will lose the unique touch that made his music appeal to those who love something different musically, and probably, he will lose the judgemental ones like me.

We hope you can leave your views about where his music stands.

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