Gold EP Review With Lyriczz, Talks About Future

When you listen to Lyriczz, the first thing that will come to your mind is “He must have been at this for a while”. But the truth is, this is his first solo project where he gets to stand out as an independent artist. One other thing you might not know about him is that he produced the entire EP by himself.

Think of an all in one packaged artist. One line defines what this EP is made of, from the song All We Are, “…See I roll with the fire you never ever seen, heard before, every time I spit I knock down metal doors…” True he’s got the talent in him and he knows that what the Lord has blessed him with is something unstoppable. The EP is painted with masterful lyricism and a wealth of feeling attached to each of the songs, the arrangement of the production is captivating he handles it with a mature perspective. He definitely has a strong statement to make. This EP will open up a conversation for you and Lyriczz, he will speak and you will listen, and you will definitely want to hear some more from him.

We sat down with him, to say something about the EP, discuss his future and what he really wants the listener to walk away with after listening to the Gold EP which comprises of 4 songs.


“It’s a song about me, my rap, my ambition, and how the “Crown” on my head is my pride and soul. And being a son of God, I AM a king, and of course. Kings wear crowns. I should never sell my crown to make it in the industry or to become famous. If I do…it’s possible I’ll never get it back. That’s what I talk about in that song.”

She Bad

“She Bad is about this girl who seems to have everything…money, good looks, fame…but she still really isn’t happy…I mostly bring out what she is struggling with in this song like pride, hatred…but I don’t really come to a proper conclusion. I figured it would leave the listeners intrigued and I don’t know, on the edge of their seats. I will eventually complete the story in another song! Haha”


“Oh Gold. I’m basically talking about beating the odds and how pain and sorrow make us stronger. Because we are gold, fire only makes us look better!!!”

All We Are

“All we are is kinda me just rapping and going at it. But in some places I mention how we as human beings want to be celebrated, but we never celebrate others…even though we are gold, “all we are isn’t perfect.” And we do need Jesus to help us be better people.”

After the EP what next…

My future…haha…well. I have just been making this up as I go really. Never had a proper plan for Lyriczz as an artist even though I have planned extensively for Lyriczz as a producer. But. After this I will release the extended edition of Gold. 6 more songs! I’m looking at an August release.

What do you want the listeners to walk away with…

What I want the listeners of my music to feel when they listen to my music is more than just, “Wow, he is a good rapper!” Nah…I want them to hear the message I’m trying to bring out. And that message so far has mostly been about you overcoming trials. Like, no matter what everyone goes through, God is always there to help you out of those hard times…or to comfort you through them. These trials, if our attitudes are right, will eventually make us better people and we have to trust God through them. No matter what.

So there you have it, stay at because on Thursday 7pm, the Gold EP by Lyriczz from Elevator Records will be released and you will be able to get it FREE. Share the word and get hyped. Follow the movement #GoldEP

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