Price Love – L.O.V.E feat. The African Children’s Choir

So perhaps you’re wondering why you should listen to this particular track about love; I mean everybody who’s anybody is singing about Love, so what make this any different!!? First, it’s done by Price Love featuring the African Children’s Choir and that counts for, let’s say a lot. Then you have the simple yet soul searching lyrics that paint a beautiful picture of love as it is meant to be.

So you go asking, what’s love meant to be like? Well the track is laced with the answer to that. Price easily shines through this contemporary pop/RnB fusion with signature fruity vocals and the African Children’s choir is equally adept, spicing the track with delightful sweet vocals. The production too is top notch, bringing the ensemble home without much sound effects or the usual (read boring) musical clichés. “We’ve been commanded to love,’’ says Price, “so I say Love, Love, Love; there’s no better joy than to love everything and everyone around you despite their short comings. Simply Love!’’

Artist: Price Love feat African Children’s Choir
Genre: RnB/Pop fusion
General impressions: Lovely, awesome vocal blend

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