Former Destiny’s Child Member Releases “Journey To Freedom” Album

I have to get this off my chest. I think Michelle Williams who is a former member of the now disbanded multiple award winning girl group Destiny’s Child sings better when she does gospel music.

Maybe it is just because she is more true to the lyrics in Gospel music than any other music. Next thing is that the songs on this ”Journey to freedom”  album are too amazing they seem to end a little too soon. They end just before I am done enjoying them.

This is most definitely not her first gospel album, her first solo project, a gospel Album “Heart To Your” won her a MOBO Award for “best Gospel Act.  This 12 track album with two bonus versions of the popular “Say Yes” song featuring former group mates Beyonce and Kelly Rowland also has a song that features the chart topping and Grammy Award winner Lecrae and Tye Tribbett. That song is Fall.

One of the most notable acts on this album is the lead single, “If we had your eyes” which was a major success in the US. She also features RnB singer Fantasia on this one. The unity in their voices in this song is seamless. The message is told through a story that seeks to cause us to open our eyes and hearts to the pain of those around us.

The other amazing song among so many nice songs is the first song on the album, Need Your Help. It stays true to her RnB roots and is a quick reminder of how awesome the main producer Harmony Samuels really is. Throughout the album, you cannot help but constantly remember that the production is world class.

Right after the song Need Your Help is my personal favorite, “Yes”. I like how the song progresses from verses into the chorus which has a really cool chant. This Urban Contemporary song will really leave you satisfied with whatever Michelle Williams did to it. One other song that is pleasant to the ears is the well-produced “Everything”. And when you listen to this album, you cannot help but agree with the critics who said this has been her best studio album as a solo musician. The album is a keeper for sure.

I know I am highlighting a few things about the best songs on this album, but this album is not one of those you listen to and feel like some songs are misplaced. Honestly, there is no song on this album that is not as amazing as the ones that I have mentioned here.

The other songs on this album are Fire, Free, Just Like You, Beautiful, Believe in Me, In The Morning. Michelle Williams sets herself an amazing lyricist in this album. At this moment, I feel I would not have done this album justice is the song Believe In Me is not brought to your attention for how amazing it is. But then again, as I said earlier, with this album you just have to listen to every single song. It does not go without saying that the best song for any African in this Album will her rendition of “When Jesus says, yes. Nobody can say No!!” in the song, Say Yes with an Afro-pop beat to it.  

One more thing, did we tell you the album was officially realeased on the 9th of Spetember, 2014? Now what that means is you can download the album for your listening pleasure.

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