Morgan Isaac

Morgan Isaac is a Composer/Recording Gospel artist from Kampala, Uganda, 2010 BTA Awards Nominee for “Artist of the Year”, Groove awards in Kenya and 2011, 2012 Olive Award Winner “Best Raga/Dancehall Artist of the Year” and nominee for “Male Artist of the Year”, as well as VIGA and Rising Awards nominee 2014.


Morgan from childhood had a desire to be a celebrity, and ventured into the world of music and dance to make that dream a reality. Suffering much rejection, he joined a dance group called Click Star determined to work hard in his dancing to find favor and become “somebody”. Unable to continue in High School due to a lack of funds to pay school fees, he still needed to make a living, and so his late Mother took him to a School of Beauty to train as a Hairdresser.

Performing at the graduation ceremony for the School, his talent was recognized and asked to join a popular secular dance group called Shadows Angels.

In 2003, Morgan’s career as a secular dancer ended when the dance group was disbanded. His transition to a recording artist was not an easy one. His first attempt to record music at a friend’s studio was met with ridicule. After a lot of hustle and begging, he finally found a producer who accepted to produce his first song, ‘Step on the enemy’.

Morgan then started going to schools with the Youth Ministry in his church and ministering to the youths teaching them to abstain, get real and to live a Godly life especially through his gospel and inspirational music under the promotional and management companies; GETREAL ENT.

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