Gospel Musician, Dancer and Model Allan Kutos Nominated in Fashion Awards

Gospel musician Allan Kutos has been nominated for the Abryanz fashion awards in the outstanding male model of the year category. On top of being a musician, dancer with TMS and an office Job, Allan Katongole is a model. You have probably come across his face on billboards, Magazines and on your TV sets.

The New gospel musician who has singles like ‘bring me down’, ‘only one’ featuring Vampino, ‘oh no’ and ‘Aye’ by Voltage started his modeling career with Abryanz boutique while showcasing his clothes back in his first year University. Before he knew it, different companies like MTN, Orange, Bride and Groom magazine and Airtel among others came knocking at his door to appear in adverts. We caught up with Allan Kutos for an interview last week and these are some of the questions he answered;

Wemix: “Now that you are a model, musician and a dancer how do you handle all this?”
Alan Kutos: “It’s hard, it’s complicated but with God it’s all possible. If God wants me to do all these for his Glory then Why not? As Christians we should find each and every way to showcase Christ to the world. Everything for his glory.”
Wemix: “How active are you currently with the music?”
Allan Kutos: “The last song I featured in was ‘Aye’ by Voltage with LexDax, I also do have a song in studio called ‘mpola mpola’ it will be out soon. But all in all, am taking time to consult God about my music, asking him how best I can do it. Am reflecting and praying, I want my next songs to speak Jesus to the world and not just release songs that won’t have any impact.”

Wemix: “And how do you handle being a Christian and a model at the same time, isn’t it tempting?
Allan Kutos: “I have boundaries, I have a standard, and that standard is Jesus. It is tempting, there are moments when am told to do stuff that compromise my sexuality but I’ve always said NO, a big NO. I do get offers from Beer and condom companies for example but i wasn’t confortable doing the adverts, so I refused. So the baseline is that I will not compromise my Jesus just to get to the top, we have a Big God and I believe I can get higher in modeling without compromising my faith”


Wemix: “so you refusing some offers because you are a Christian, doesn’t it affect your modeling career?”
Allan Kutos: “No I don’t think so! I always make sure I do my best in modeling; so long as I keep doing an awesome Job, everything falls in place.
Wemix: “How do you feel being nominated in these awards?”
Allan Kutos: “I feel good, it shows that I have been outstanding this year and I thank God for that!”
Wemix: “so how can someone vote for you?”
Allan Kutos: “Two ways to vote; sms and online .SMS Type ASFA [space] C1 and send to 8888. ONLINE just go to http://abryanzstyleandfashionawards.com/outstanding-male-model-of-the-year-2/

He has been nominated in his category with five other contestants and voting ends on 11th December 2014. We do urge all the Christians out there to vote for Allan as the Gospel has to dominate in all fields. Let’s Get Voting. Allan Katongole for Outstanding Male Model of the Year

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