Yes. You’ve heard something close to that title somewhere. I shall not go there. I was about to read a song review from some site and then it occurred to me, “When someone writes a song review, is it so that you like and download the song or to just tell you about the song?” This is a real case of me shooting myself in the foot because I am occasionally the guy who will tell you about a new song.

This is something, we’ve joked about occasionally. But the question is, “Who tells you which song is nice and what is not nice?” If your answer is radio, music receivers or friends. We don’t blame you. It happens. There’s this song that someone described and encouraged one of us here to download. I shall not tell which song it was but, it left him thinking the exact words of the article title. Often, by the time we are posting a song here, we’ve probably listened to it for a while while waiting (by the way we don’t like the idea of waiting) for art work. Or, in some cases we just have a lot to put up and have to plan releases. Hence, by the time the song is going up, we have had good time with it. Have you not downloaded songs and you be thinking, “Somebody lied, that song ain’t okay.”

Anyway, we just request that you be open to new music, even from new artists because we here at thrive on the discovery of new Uganda, and African content. Until next time. I am out.

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