Benjaah Edwards – Amari Yesu (I Love You Jesus) (@BenjaahEdwards)

VIGA Awards Nominee Benjaah Edwards who has been known for his RnB roots has just released an Afropop song, Amari Yesu. We caught up with him to find out why he made the shift and this is what he had to say

“Prior to taking on a more RnB and occassionally Hip Hop direction to my music, many of you knew Aneno Rwot. I made a promise to do something for both audiences. I think you might remember that together with Krisn Muliya, we brought you another hard hitting jam, In Keni. This song was recorded last year and I knew it had been long since my previous crowd wanted something along these lines. Meanwhile, this song is much easier for you to sing along because it is not entirely in Luo like Aneno Rwot.”

So, Amari Yesu which we discovered is Luo for “I Love You Jesus is an upbeat song you can sing along to and dance to. We are sure you have all been anticipating this new release especially since this one has been Trending online and many of you saw our exclusive interview with him.


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  1. here redownloading it now I AMARI YESU

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