So we had a one on one with Katalina about her recent visit to Zambia. Left the country in December 2014, Now back in the country. Katalina talks her visit to Zambia.

QN. What took you to Zambia?
Katalina: “Zambian music is appreciated in Uganda as a country, Ugandan comedy is appreciated in Zambia, yet our music is less known back there, so I went to promote and introduce myself as a Ugandan artist as well as other Uganda gospel artists in Zambia”



QN. How did you find the country and what’s new we should expect from your visit to Zambia?
Katalina: “It’s a developing country, more expensive and less busy than Uganda; you should expect my new single called Guma, which means “take heart”. in this am addressing different life situations that affect a normal average living individual, but I give it a feel of Zambian touch with the Bemba language, also songs featuring Magnus 44 and Sobre”



QN. And when will all these songs be released?
Katalina: “’Guma’ will be released in late February, and singles with Mag44 and Sobre will be later on”


QN. Musical wise, can you compare Zambian music to Ugandan music?
Katalina: “Their Music is different from ours in different ways, I am not in place to decide which country is better, music is art, and we have a lot of great musicians here as well as in zed, I must say they are very hard working people and with the great music comes great rewards”

QN. So what plans do you have for 2015?
Katalina: “Am working hard to release an Album this year, am very expectant”

She visited different Radio stations in Zambia for interviews, like she said “to promote and introduce myself as a Ugandan artist as well as other Uganda gospel artists in Zambia”. She was an ambassador in Zambia for the Ugandan Gospel Music. Also visiting Orphanages to show love to the Young ones, we sure she came back a better person and artiste.


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