KBG – I am From Malawi ft Dali Msosa

I am from Malawi. I even tweeted this song title and I guess some people were like, “Since when?” When we recommend and song, it is because we believe you will love it but then again, people are different and that is something we don’t forget.

So, what is so special about this song, “I am From Malawi.” One, it is about the love for an African counry, just like Lusaka City or the Kampala song. Then, it has that flute that refused to excit my head since I listened in. It is done with an acoustic feel too it and great input from KBG (whobis the first Malawian artist I even listened to) and Dali Msoso who we’ve just discovered.

KBG – I am From Malawi ft Dali Msosa | DOWNLOAD

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