Album Review – Lagum – Social Lives

Breath-taking is the best word I can use to describe Social Lives by Lagum. The 18 track album seizes your attention from the first track, Wake Me up Ft Farisha, that has very well packaged harmonies and a well laid out message. As the album title, Social Lives, suggests, the tracks touch on social issues such as the track Whiskey. The song highlights the struggle of an alcoholic who eventually finds redemption after quitting alcohol. The album is full of songs with diverse themes, proclaiming the glory and power of God to bring about greatness in every individual regardless of what they’ve done.

 From a lyrical perspective, Lagum projects his prowess of wordplay and well-crafted lyrics. Unlike usual trap rappers, Lagum takes a conscious trip with his lyrics telling his story while preaching the message, taking the listener to a musical world that highlights all the highs and lows of a social life, from struggling to love and live, to getting over alcoholism. Going down the tracks, Lagum changes the tempo mid-way with The Storm ft. P.R.I.M.E and Ivory Namara, in which he fuses well with the other artistes to make it an instant masterpiece that makes the track more than a hit.

 With the rise of hip hop culture across East Africa, Lagum displays self-identification with his music bringing a new taste of rap. The level of mastery the tracks have of musical sounds and vocal prowess is irresistible. Social Lives focuses not only on faith but also self-realization that ambition and effort ago a long way in determining a person’s destiny. The album undeniably surpasses all expectations making it one of those loop albums that you can listen to over and over again, from Wake me up to Know Yourself.

Social Lives brings out most the struggles a lot of people go through and the rough paths a person may travel during their walk of faith. Lagum brings out his message clearly and tells his stories in a way that leaves you reflecting about your life.

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Social Lives Track List

1. Wake Me Up ft. Farisha

2. Whiskey

3. Love & Other Drugs ft. Maya

4. The Way

5. It’s Obvious

6. Slow Motion

7. High ft. Esther Chanelle

8. All I Know

9. Kings & Queens 

10. The Storm (Illusion)

11. The Top ft. Karun 

12. King (Interlude)

13. The Storm ft. P.R.I.M.E & Ivory Namara 

14. Real ft. Ruyonga & King’s African Rifle

15. Focus ft. Ivory Namara 

16. Amen ft. King’s African Rifle

17. I Got It ft. Joie

18. Know yourself



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