Dagg Mizzo – God Giveth

God Giveth the song is the new song by Dagg Mizzo off his upcoming EP “Soul With It”.

Dagg says:

“The song simply means that it is only by God’s will that I can stop doing what I do.

The strength, and skill I have are a gift from God. Only by His will can I change my style.”

“What inspired me was different opinions from unwelcome individuals on how I should sound and dress as a musician.”

“Many artists – rappers, singers, dancers, painters, and craftsmen have faced this.”

“Some people will appreciate your art, others won’t.”

“Those who don’t are usually close to us, so their criticism affects an artist in a very personal way.”

“These people are very important to an artist’s growth but they can as well lead to their downfall.”

| Dagg Mizzo – God Giveth | Download Here |

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