Getting What You Want – JC Muyonjo

JC composed his new single, “No Love”, while at campus in 2013. He witnessed relationships that were based on material things one could gain.

“Out of those observations I wrote “No Love”, says JC.  

The Production Process

JC was in contact with Abaasa who was in California. Despite the geographic distance, he felt Abaasa was the right person to produce the song.

“I’d been working with him for a while. We had a friendship. I played the guitar and sent the progression with my recording to him. He worked on the song from where he was.”

“JC is such a cool dude to work with,” says Abaasa. His loops and ideas are always fresh. It’s easy writing with him coz his voice kind of fits all I make for myself. A lot of the stuff sounds natural. I don’t struggle to make sense with him,” says Abaasa.

The two kept communicating until the song came to fruition.

Becoming a producer

“Getting the sound you want out of your head is impossible if you don’t know how to play an instrument. Or if you don’t know how to work production software,” says JC. “You need to find someone who can give the sound you want.”

He is now a producer as well.

“I learned to play the keyboard. So now I’m closer to producing the sounds in my head. You cannot get what you want if you can’t produce.”

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