A Balancing Act: Sonny Shares How She Was Able To Juggle Music And Studies

Sonny Soweez recently graduated from Makerere University with a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Lab Technology.

“Juggling my studies and music endeavors was challenging,” she says. “It wasn’t easy because both activities were demanding. Balancing the two was an issue so, I tried to give each their own time.” 

She would spend part of her time studying and made sure she paid attention during lectures.  As for music, she would compose songs during the night and record over the weekend.

“It was hard but, God came through for me. I always told him to give me the grace and strength to carry on.”

Her parents were supportive as well.

“My friends also kept on encouraging me. They told me I could do it.”

“If other people have done it, you can do it too,” they would say.

There were people who would try to discourage her. They would tell her it was not wise to pursue music and studies at the same time. They told her she would fail if she didn’t drop one of her endeavors.

“I put it upon myself to prove them wrong. The negativity motivated me to do my best.”

Finishing The Project

Towards the end of 2016, she became so busy because she had to work on her final project.

“My initial project proposal was about the effects of lemon juice on bacteria isolated from milk. The project was individual. Everyone did their own thing.”

Her proposal was rejected.

“I had to redo the whole thing from scratch while my fellow students moved on to the second phase, which is doing the actual project.”

Despite the setback, her supervisor was encouraging.

 “These things happen,” he told her.

“He helped me come up with a quick solution. I replaced the milk with fruit salad. It was the same topic but different target products.” 

She changed it to the effects of lemon juice on bacteria isolated from ready-to-eat fruit salads.

“The project was costly. I had to pay for fruits in order to get enough data to analyze. I had to buy about 30 different packets of fruit salads.”

 It was difficult, but I finished before the deadline. I defended my project before a panel in time as well.”

She didn’t release any music during that period which lasted about 6 months.

Back To Studio

Sonny went back to studio afterwards but, it wasn’t the same.

“Everything needs continual practice,” she says. “When I went back to studio, I would hold the headphones and fail to record. It was like I was doing it for the first time.

I remember the producer asking, ‘Are you scared? Are you scared of me?’

‘No,’ I would reply. It took me a while to get back into the rhythm of recording.”

 She recorded and released “Tribulationz” during that period.  She also took up internship opportunities as she waited to graduate.

“To date I’m still trying to juggle work and music. People tell me, ‘You either work – do lab or pursue music. You can’t do both activities.’ I believe it is possible. That’s what keeps me going.”

The Future

“I’ve been working on an EP for three years now. I’ve taken my time with it because I want to produce great music. Producing something excellent takes lots of time and creativity. I hope to release the EP next year.”

Click to download her latest single, First Impressions.

Watch “Possibility” by Sonny Soweez below:

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