Abaasa – Watengula

“Wantengula” is a Luganda word that means “to ignite, spark, or start an idea.”

In the context of the song, the protagonist speaks from the point of view of a heartbroken victim.

The line, “Wantengula, Nze Yalu Asubira”, directly translated means, “You sparked this flame, and yet in the end, it was I who lost out.”

The song follows a heartbroken victim – a nostalgic ex lover, who asks his love how he would move on without her. If I can’t be with you, then who do you expect me to be with?

It talks about an agreement and a promise that was made between two lovers. How life got in the way, putting them both in tough situations

The production process:

The song needed to stay simple. I had to add stuff (sonic elements), without making the track feel overproduced.

There had to be movement, underlying stuff to give the song momentum. I recorded tons of vocals to act as fillers.

I added a real kick drum and a trumpet track to reinforce what was going on in the vocals.

The guy who did the mixing, Nelson Muhiire, did such a great job that it’s difficult to hear the clockwork.

Completing the song

It wasn’t easy to know when the song was done. Setting the structure and mood for the track was completed within the first few sessions.

However, vocals took a while. When that was finished, I listened to the song over and over, making a few adjustments in the process.

Written by Abaasa.

Watengula is the first single off Abaasa’s upcoming debut album titled, 1947.

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