Album Cover and Tracklisting for We Live As Kings by Collision Records

The album art and track listing for Collision Records upcoming album “We Live As Kings” has been released. The album features label mates, Swoope, Christon Gray, Alex Faith & Dre Murray.


1. Intro (Produced by Wit and Swoope)

2. Imagine ft. Christon Gray, Dre Murray, Alex Faith, & Swoope (Produced by Swoope & Wit)

3. Long Way Down ft. Christon Gray & Dre Murray (Produced by Swoope)

4. All In ft. Alex Faith & Dre Murray (Produced by Dirty Rice & Joseph Prielozny)

5. Coward ft. Alex Faith & Christon Gray (Produced by Swoope)

6. Reign Is Coming ft. Christon Gray, Swoope, Dre Murray, & Alex Faith (Produced by Wit, Joseph Prielozny, & Swoope)

7. YHWH ft. Swoope & Dre Murray (Produced by Dirty Rice & Swoope)

8. ABNY (Marty McFly) ft. Swoope & Alex Faith (Produced by Dirty Rice, Joseph Prielozny, & Swoope)

9. Broken Kings ft. Alex Faith, Christon Gray, & Swoope (Produced by Dirty Rice) 

10. Eyes For You ft. Christon Gray (Produced by Swoope)

11. WLAQ ft. Christon Gray & Swoope (Produced by Swoope)

12. Arena ft. Dre Murray & Christon Gray (Produced by Wit)

13. King In Me ft. Swoope & Christon Gray (Produced by Swoope)


Art Direction by Adam Thomason 


All Songs Mixed by Wit for I Qwit Music

All Songs Mastered by Pete Humphreys for Masterwork Recording

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