BC Series – Degrees – Episode 3



Episode 3 – Degrees

This is where I introduce myself and you to spoken word element. The episode is titled degrees.

Our degrees which is to be reflective of our understanding. We are a people short of anything good without holding ourselves accountable to the real standard of good that is also great – God. We are self-seeking, even when we do well we want recognition. Am I saying it is bad to be recognized, no, but you see my point here points back to Episode One. We would rather risk attachment to something we can’t even account for as long as its serving our selfish nature than a truth which by the way is meant to make us better beings. Aliens, evolution, symbolism, have a home with us and we will be leaving as soon as these truths make their way into the house that is to say God, Knowledge, Love. It’s like we badly want what we are running from.


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