Becky Nantale Reveals Plans To Release An Album

The world first heard of her subtly…providing backup vocals on Holy Keane Amooti’s single “Hero”. The world didn’t know the radio presenter/entertainer could actually sing. Now solid news is that she actually is pursuing a serious musical career. She reveals that an album is in the offing and a couple of singles are dropping soon. A lot can be said but as she ventures into this career we wanted to wish her the best by sitting down with her as she shares with us more on this interesting journey.

Q: So Becky the artist…what is in the pipeline? Anything you are working on? An album perhaps?

A: Yes there is an album coming. Becky has 3 songs coming up…and my darling producer Nelson Muhire from C19 is working hard. Am keen on the quality of the music that am going to put out. Some people listen to it and say that its fine, but am always like, there is something missing. And my father tells me sometimes you have to let it go, put it out there and people will decide for themselves.

So 3 songs so far, with some afro pop in some of it and so far its only me who has heard it.

Q: Your first collaboration was with Holy Keane Amooti on “Hero” how did that happen?

A: We had an agreement with Holy Keane and he broke it. You weren’t supposed to know, and in no circumstance was my name to be anywhere near the song, and in no circumstance was I to perform. The first few times he performed alone and after some time I said to myself, “it’s not good to let the brother die in his own movie.”

Q: So how did He know you could actually sing?

A: He came to a show where I was singing, I like adlibbing, and there is thing in music we call transposing, that I also like doing. So he told me, you should sing. And I told me I have some songs that I have written and am planning to record.

Q: Have you always loved music…or its something you thought you can do at this moment?
A: I love music. Music is my life. I know a wealth of music dating to way back in the 1910s 1920s think of the slave days, I know all of that music…. I have grown in a musical family, with a wealth of music. Anything about music, scales, notes, the pitches, keys and all of that.

Q: What music are you listening to right now in this season?
A: Blox Musta – Kanjatule
For King and Country – No turning Back
Audrey Aussad – Known
Fix You – Chris Martin


With that said, what are your views?

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