Brain-Cell Music Series – Pilot – Ep 1

My name is Kali 21 and I am passionate about music, dance and word play. I decided to create a series about these three elements for my listeners. I also created this series for my benefit to document the growth of Brain Cell Music, my independent music group, from the time of its beginning till now. This series is also a conversation starter because I am looking forward to receiving feedback from listeners concerning the issues I address in this series. Watch a new episode on the Wemix website every Wednesday.  

Episode 1

I titled the first episode Pilot because it is the first one off the series. 

In Pilot, Kali urges us to believe in ourselves and to always keep learning and reading because knowledge is power and we can also trace this back to our origin, our God. He talks about how we perish because we lack it. This applies both spiritually and in the physical realm. 

Without knowledge we are exposed to a very large danger of deceit which always ends with our destruction. “A lot of young people are smoking because the media, their peers, or the culture perceives it as cool.” That’s just one of a bunch of ignorant acts that are out there. “Drinking soda while pointing fingers at booze, too soon?” You get the picture. The episode ends with a call to thirst for knowledge with the line/bar, “Nobody walks over a learned mind.” 


Watch Brain-Cell Music Series – Episode 1 below:



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