Bravo To The Campus Dj Battle: Our Reasons Why

Deejays play a very big role in any music industry, they literally hold the cards. They are on radio, events, on TV, They set the trends, and they decide what plays and what doesn’t. A deejay can make you love a song that you hate, their influence is very visible.

Recently I got to think about the deejays we have in Uganda and I came to only one conclusion; “They are very few”. When someone says gospel deejays in Uganda, who comes in your mind? DJ-Muji, DJ-Peruz, DJ-Twonjex, DJ-Awar, DJ-Stef, DJ-SnickStreets, DJ-Rayne, DJ-SkamZak and a few more others. But I believe these are not enough and therefore that’s why I commend the job being done by Mavuno Church through Campus Trend. The more the deejays (Assuming all of them have platforms where they play), the more the circulation of music.

When an artiste releases a song, he will not have to send his/her song to just a few deejays, but a multitude. Chances of your song getting airplay increase if the deejay numbers shoot up. And this is one of the reasons the Kenyan Gospel industry is Booming.

Campus Trend also partnering with PrimeTimeMUK started off the #CampusDjBattle at Kampala international university on April 24th then went to Makerere University on April 30th and yesterday (1st May) it was at MUBS. In each university several deejays performed to their best in only 5 minutes. The best two performers from each university proceed to the next level. Next and final level happens at Kampala parents’ school on 3rd May, starts 4pm and the winner walks away whistling with a NuMark mixtrack Pro II. (shown below).


I managed to attend the event at Makerere University, and I was impressed by the skill of the young deejays especially DJ-Rhymz and DJ-Conqueror and it was no coincidence that they went through to the next round. The #CampusDjBattle Judges; DJ-Muji, DJ-Twonjex and DJ-Stef did their job effectively! They were the right judges chosen, they were honest, they advised where necessary and they were fun (including Twonjex falling down)

Finalists from the #CampusDjBattle include; DJ-Andre(MUBS), DJ-MOSS(MUBS), DJ-Rhymz(MUK), DJ-Conqueror(MUK), DJ-Chosen(KIU) and DJ-Swift-Skilz(KIU)

May the Best Deejay walk away whistling, see you at the Final Event

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