Canton Jones Releases His Much Anticipated GOD CITY, USA album

Canton Jones released his much anticipated GOD CITY, USA album in stores on July 29th 2014. This coming a few months after one of my most favorite mix tapes, “Lust, Drugs, & Gospel,” I was wondering how it would sound. So, now I am here listening to the album. How do I even start this review? How do I do the album justice?

When you play the song “My Team,” you will totally understand why one of my music reviewers here described the album as harsh. The song features Big Ran, Tonio, Erica Cumbo and Mark Griffin. This one, I see it taking over a Saturday dance party show.

And if you though the description harsh (in a good way) was an over statement, wait till you listen to another banger “No One Greater Than You.” It features Ray Horton and gives you the feeling it will be a laid back listen to song until the verse comes in to take you off your feet.

Once again Canton Jones proves he can be really, really unpredictable. Did we tell you that the first two songs, “Holy” and “Let’s Get Started,” are very awesome songs? Perhaps it is a response to those caught up in this whole pop culture craze.

The song “Jesus,” with Ramona Jones reminds me of the Kingdom Business pt 2 album. You just need to listen to it once and you will be caught singing, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus……”
One of the reasons I really respect Canton Jones a lot is the fact that you never listen to his album and feel like it was a one man thing.

He features a lot of artistes in this project. John Waller is one of them and he is featured in the song “You are.”

At this point, I have listened to the songs, Crazy, Glory to God, God looks good on you, and We In Here, featuring (D-MAUB, Uncle Reece, & G.L.O). I may decide to go about describing in detail why you will love these songs, but it is just better for you to make sure you get this album.

By the way, there is much much more in store for you on this album. There is that jam featuring Darlene McCoy, and another featuring Isaac carree. You will love this 17 track album.

It blends urban, to Hip Hop and pop. Honestly speaking, this is going to be one of the best albums this year. And by the way, it is just august. So, you know the album is that amazing.

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Here is the tracklisting.
01. Holy
02. Let’s Get Started
03. My Team (feat. Big Ran, Tonio, Erica Cumbo & Mark Griffin)
04. No One Greater (feat. Ryan Horton)
05. Jesus (feat. Ramona Estell Jones)
06. You Are (feat. John Waller)
07. Crazy
08. Glory To God
09. God Looks Good On You
10. We In Here (feat. D-MAUB, Uncle Reece & G.L.O.)
11. I Can’t Help It (feat. Tonio)
12. Give It
13. Amazing
14. More of You (feat. Darlene McCoy)
15. Like You (feat. Isaac Carree)
16. Let There Be Funk
17. My Peace
18. Party Party (feat. Ric Black)

Thank you for reading. Come back again for this and more. 

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