Canton Jones To Release Album

Canton Jones has is at it again with his new 2013 powerful CD project, CJ Talks, where he brings a compilation of some of his greatest hits alive again in a dynamic live performance.

Arrow Record’s newest release takes us on a journey with Canton sharing popular songs that draw us into a musical experience that is powerful, transparent, and purely authentic. It is sure to usher in the presence of God and create an atmosphere of worship.

This anticipated album drops Febuary 5th 2013….One can preorder this album at Amazon


Disc 1

1 Password 

2 Love Song 

3 Holy Ghost Girl

4 Church Song 

5 Doin’ It Big 

6 Birthday

7 Cute 

8 Dance in the Spirit

9 Love Song

10 CJ Talks 

11 Can’t Explain 


Disc 2

1 Password 

2 Doin’ It Big 

3 Birthday 

4 Church Song 

5 Cute 

6 Dance in the Spirit 

7 Love Song 

8 What You Want

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