Chanea Lewis Presents My Lover My Guide Album

Chanea A. Lewis is a powerful and passionate singer, psalmist and song writer. The desire of her heart is to take the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth through her music.

Known for her powerful, modulated and silvery voice, Chanea’s musical career began at age 11 with her commitment to follow Christ. She developed into a servant leader in the praise and worship ministry and currently serves as a worship leader at the Fellowship Tabernacle Church.

Chanea is the lead singer of the song “Peace in the midst of the Storm” on Wayne Stoddart’s 1996 album entitled “Fulfillment of the Bible”. She has performed as background vocalist (BGV) for several local gospel artists, such as Wayne Stoddart and the Dynamis Singers, Ziggy Soul, and Jai Kingston to name a few. She has graced the stage of many conferences, crusades and concerts in Jamaica and overseas having successfully toured Curacao, Barbados, Grand Cayman and Guyana. She is truly an inspired song writer – the author of many of the songs on her album.

Chanea recently released her first Debut Album launched on March 23, 2013. All Songs were written and performed by her, such as: I Will Give You Thanks, My Lover, My Guide, His Words Are True, Moving Forward featuring Jprojek, I Know featuring La Twain, Bad Company featuring Mr. Gallimore, Crying For Our Children, You’re All I Want, I Pour Out My Spirit and I Come To Offer You Worship.

Chanea is inspired by the Holy Spirit and believes her gift is to impact a wide cross section of people. Her album focuses on Jesus being faithful to all his promises concerning us, and the precious truth that His word will not return to Him void, even the fact that each of us were born for a purpose down to the very issues we face in our society like child abuse, murder etc. Chanea will also take you into a mood of worship where we acknowledge our Sovereign King as Lord…

Chanea looks forward to “higher heights” in 2013 and beyond as she continues to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, impacting the lives of young people and the wider community through her music. For further information check her out here.

And download here free album here.

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