Cheston Green – Identity

If you take a huge helping of Jesus add a splash of Anthony Hamilton, a spoon of Donnie Hathaway, a cup of Gregory Porter, a pinch of Bebe Winans and put it on top of a dope urban beat, then you will get a Cheston Green!

Cheston, a North Carolina native, is destined for greatness. At the age of 6, Cheston was hospitalized for pneumonia and chronic asthma. Shortly before he was to be released he went into respiratory arrest and was revived. This event and health issues surrounding his battle with asthma, were the catalyst for his faith in God. Cheston has had a passion for music since he was born.

Cheston’s gifts and talents were nurtured and developed in church.  As a little boy at choir rehearsals with his mother, he would dance and pretend to direct the choir as he watched. As a child he would also would turn his closet into a choir of jeans and shirts.

In 2012, Cheston participated in a competition which he did not win, but was encouraged by Maurette Brown Clark. Her words, “You don’t need competitions and things like this when God has his hand on you”, has resonated with him until now.

Cheston has recently worked with Grammy winning producer Joshua Lay to create an urban gospel sound like none other. This song came as a result of him leaving home to follow God’s plan for him and being in the “Strange Land” of Maryland. These are the melodic cries of his heart as he acknowledges the sovereign God in his efforts to follow the voice of God.

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