Coopy Bly Scoops OGM Artiste Of The Year 2012

Here we are, remember “Yava Musomero”, “Ghetto Love”, “Gwange Nawe”, “Saawa Ya Kulunga”, “Like a fool”, remember “Bwaka” the hit that got all of us asking who that guy is? Then 2011 when he missed out on the award you almost sued olive gospel music awards. Memories, memories away with the dairies.

2012 was an amazing year for this brother; he did not just prove his humorous unique writing skills but also his visible musical maturity.

Songs like “Sidda Mukyalo” featuring Fortune Felix Spice, “kilooto” were he featured Levixone, and “Mind on Christ” with Mac Elvis a song that was quite unique for his style. These had an early backup of “Church Swagga” featuring Butcha man. It seems the dude knows how to line his collaborations, didn’t go wrong at all.

No wonder, one beautiful night of the 10th November 2012 in the indescribable walls of the heavenly Serena Hotel, the named were: Wilson Bugembe, Exodus, Joseph Segawa, Wasswa Kiyingi, Coopy Bly and the dude just ripped it and ran home with it, best male artist of the year 2012, Coopy Bly!!!

We now totally believe “kilooto” is not just for dreaming….congratulations brother.    

Watch these videos of his songs, 


Church Swagga






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