Counting Sheep – One Sheep, Two Sheep: “A Poem By The Theopolitan”

I found myself walking through the valley, 

Of the shadows, in the alley,

Wish some bright boys,

Who front on back streets

Playing white noise, bumping black-street,

I was once told that the evil that you can’t see,

And you can’t hear, is one you can’t fear,

So now I’m practicing walking while closing

My eyes, trying to keep my faith wide open,

Welcome to the Dark side!

The black side, where they clap for you when you backslide,

Claiming you’re just being Michael Jack fly,

Encouraging you to moon walk, on the wild side,

And you need more than talent, like the outliers

Claiming you can’t make it here without lies,

Claiming desperation, go with housewives,

Claiming destiny is man made, Messrs Doubt-fire

And that agenda spread like wildfire,

More connected than unlimited Wi-Fi, no more firewalls,

Just more fire wire, they ain’t trying to talk,

Have that dialogue, how what we try to own got us dying off,

Guess that upswing, had some downsides

I wonder if the shepherd ever lost sleep,

Counting all these lost sheep,

They’re asking us to but a vowel, knowing talks cheap,

That lifestyle’s kind of costly,

They made it cool to live shallow and just talk deep

That lifestyle’s really costly

That life style really, cost me

Still, you uphold me

Yeah, you uphold me for your God sake

The enemy has got beef, so its high stakes,

I’m just trying to skate, out this mind state

Where the mental crime wave’s trying to raise my widening eye rate,

Cats fronting acting sideways, no more justice

No adjustments or substance, just a whole lot of substance abuse,

Club subs shake, every body up in the room

but their spirits so numb, they can’t even hold the tune,

Just a whole room, full of mobile tombs,

Trying to reap fortitude, but they’re sowing doom,

And right there, in the midst of my opponents

You get my table set, and lay the best spread on it,

And add to that, evidently,

You reserved a spot for me to crash, permanently, AND it’s rent free,

Where I’d rather be a live-in doorman, than to be living dormant

In a million square foot apartment, full of all the

Treasures in the world, but the size, new decor and

The fact that the view’s enormous, doesn’t make it more than

Just a huge old coffin,

This is truth talking, more than just a cool new product for your

World view to market, and if that makes me the newest target

I’m just know that I shall not want and I am not alone,

Still I,

Wonder if the shepherd ever lost sleep, all because He chose we,

All because He chose me, at a price so costly

The pay to get our souls free was no small fee

Yeah that price really costly, yeah that price didn’t cost me

I wonder if the devil, ever lost sleep sleep when

He thought about the shepherd on the cross bleeding

Thought about the lamb slain for the lost bleeding, Bleeeeh Bleating,

Did he see the warrior King while he was dreaming?

Did that have him waking up screaming?

Begging mercy from the unseen one, pleading pleading…

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