Cycles: “A Poem By The Theopolitan”

Wake up, eat. Sleep, repeat,

Wake up, party, spit game, smiles

Take number, drink, joke, make plans,

Wake up, drink, clubs, repeat

Wake head ache, grind, make plans,

Wake up, weekend, drink, smiles,

Drink, smoke, joke, smiles,

Drink, clubs, joke, repeat

Smiles, girls, dance, grind,

Drink, dance, grind, your place,

Smile, drink, grind, relief

Wake up, headache, grind, repeat

Smile, make plans, grind, drink

Her place, smiles, grind, wake up

Drink, grind, repeat, confusion

Drink, grind, guilt, repeat

Wake up, head ache, quit, repeat

Wake up, grind, bad boss, stress

Make plans, drink, grind, repeat

Quit, drink, quit, repeat

Quit, smoke, quit, repeat

Quit, her place, quit, repeat

Quit, repeat, quit, repeat

Confusion, old friend, talk, advice

Get saved, laugh, hang up, repeat,

Confusion, old friend, talk, listen

Preach, confession, realize, broken,

Altar call, prayer, choose, life

Cry, laugh, repeat, relief,


Wake up, pray, read, declare

Sleep, dream, light, wake up,

Read, pray, declare, repeat

Old friend, talk, laugh, freedom

Laugh, tongues, prophecy, freedom

Wake up, pray, read, repeat,

Wake up, praise, worship, sleep

Fellowship, praise, worship, repeat,

Fellowship, praise, pray, read

Testify, praise, declare, repeat

Mid week, fellowship, cell, praise

Testify, fellowship, cell, praise,

Testify, girl, looking, smiles

Reminisce, pray, smiles, repeat

Sleep, dream, smiles, wake up

Smiles, confusion, guilt, fellowship

Girl, next to you, pray, hold hands

Praise, fellowship, smiles, take number

Cell, phone, calls, smiles, make plans

Wake up, fellowship, joke, smiles

Mid week, fellowship, pray, hold hands

Read, cell, prayer partner, make plans

Pray, hold hands, smile, tempted

Repeat, hold hands, smile, tempted

Repeat, hold waist, smiles, her bed

Grind, repeat, relief, sleep

Wake up, head ache, guilt, no smiles

Fellowship, skip that, number rings, skip that

Make plans, skip that, guilt, repeat

Clubs, old friends, old girls, smiles

Your place, grind, relief, guilt

Repeat, guilt, repeat, guilt

Clubs, guilt, fellowship, guilt

Smiles, guilt, confusion, pain

Broken, confusion, guilt, repeat

Confusion, old friend, listen, advice


Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat….

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