Daisy Ejang Talks About Life After Tusker Project Fame And The Journey Ahead

One of us here at WeMix Ent hooked up with the amazing Vocalist/Singer and Songwriter Daisy Ejang form Tusker Project Fame Season 6. This is how it went down.

Can I just say that I am honoured to be having an interview with you?

Noo……..It’s an honour to be interviewed by you…

Sure! So, could you introduce yourself to our readers?

Ejang Daisy Hope Are my full names…..I am a simple girl with a big God and dream…

Now, I got to know you earlier on with your involvement in Band Aroma. How was your experience with the band and are you still a part of the band?

From Band Aroma I learnt a lot. Met a lot of beautiful people. I would call the experience beautiful….And no I’m no longer with band aroma as am focusing on my sole career but anytime we need each other we are always a call a way… That’s to say our relationship is intact.

Cool. That’s great. Of, course some people may have seen you for the first time as the talented Ugandan representing us in the just concluded Tusker Project Fame Season six. What was your most challenging moment in the house?

My toughest moment in the house was when Fess and Sitenda left the house. It was not fun since these were the two closest people to my heart in the house……

Oh!! Okay. If, there is a person out there who wants to go for the show, what would you advise them to do in preparation for it?

Always be true to yourself and love what you do….

You and the other contestants did Uganda proud, and should I say, I thought you had the best vocals in the house? Now, that the contest is done, what next? 

Lolest……thank you for the compliment…Well, when TPF6 ended, the journey for me just started…I’m already working hard on my music  and God has been good to me…I have about 5 songs ready to be released and many more that are to be recorded which leads to our next answer…

Hallelujah!!! You have all heard this from We Mix first. She is working on many things. And now, tell us about your new single “Teko.”

“Teko”is my single out of the Tusker Project fame Academy. Glory to God that it’s doing well on the airwaves………and I pray it explodes….

Uhuh!!!What may have inspired the song?

TEKO..was inspired by the Lord’s prayer especially the verse that says Lead me not into temptation but deliver me from all evil…basically that’s what the verses expand on.. “mia teko…”…means “give me strength”……..it’s a prayer I think everyone says at one point in their lives…

Do you have anything that you would like to share with anyone who has come to love Daisy Ejang?

I want to say a big thank you to all my fans out there. I do appreciate you and thank God for u….above all I thank God for bringing me this far……Blessings.


It has been a pleasure catching you. Until next time. We wish you the very best. And over to you the We Mix family, get the single and look out for the music video that is coming out soon. 

We Keep it Hot. We Keep it Fresh. For now. Peace and Out.

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