Dan-gee Jaynerale – Afla Romeo ft Nasara & Maluda

“Alfa Romeo” is the 2nd single to be released off the Evergreen Music Group label this year. The song was written by Dan-gee Jaynerale featuring Nasara and Maluda, it was produced by Acebeats/ Fullhouse Music. Alfa Romeo is based on the book of Revelations 22:13. After acquiring and enjoying all the worldly possessions that we value, living a care free life and ‘YOLOing’ we eventually die and that’s when we realize that Jesus is the only thing that lasts, the beginning and the end, the Alfa and the Omega. The song which is part of his new album called ‘DANGEENIUS – Fresh Off The Oven’ that will be launched on the 17th of April at the Michael Joseph Centre, Safaricom house in Westlands.

| Dan-gee Jaynerale – Alfa Romeo ft Nasara & Maluda | Download Here |


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