Dear Artiste : Your image on social media

An artiste’s image on social media . . . intriguing isn’t it? I’m sure we are all familiar with Facebook, twitter, a couple of people know Google+ and Whatsapp and a few even know LinkedIn…no? *cricket noise* ha ha, you will be fine.

Well, as you probably guessed this article will be about whom an artiste (Christian artiste I mean) is, but online. Does his/her profile reflect his/her music or image in person? Or are they the kind that has split personalities? also a few pointers on the best way you can use social media effectively. Hope this article will help clarify those a bit.

Now, this is a disclaimer: These are my personal views…seeing as I didn’t invent these media sites, I have no jurisdiction on what should or shouldn’t be done, but because I have a passion for it and know a thing or two about how it works, I share my opinion. I’ll be basing on Facebook and Twitter here seeing as majority of artistes use those platforms. Here’s a list of things that I believe can make or break a Christian artiste’s image online or how best they can use the social media tool:

1. Christ-like page/account. As a Christian, especially the kind that is to minister to the world your account or page should reflect it. What would someone think if they were checking their notifications and found you had liked a page with half dressed women for a profile picture or you liked a post that was talking ill about a fellow artiste or anybody else? As an artiste, you need to realize that there are thousands of people watching you so you need to be careful. If a person, not as strong in salvation or doesn’t really know the Word saw that, they will think it’s okay because so and so did it – and you’ll have stumbled the brother/sister just like that…and that will be on your head.

2. Your Bio. Now, if you notice, a lot of artistes don’t put much of their personality on their bios. It’s usually, New album, where it can be gotten (the sites listed) then the all too familiar; ‘For bookings call +256….’ Which is okay, I mean you’re an artiste, music and getting people to hear it is what you’re all about BUT must it be that way? Would it break you to add a bit of you to it? For a personal feel? You don’t know the power a quote, a line from your song can have on an individual or even your story; it could get you a fan, like or follow in a second, trust me!

3. Inspiration. We ALL need to be inspired at some point and there is a huge need for it, the numerous ‘quotes’ and inspirations’ pages testify to that. As a Christian, especially you the artiste, you need to inspire the people that God brought to you. God encourages us in Hebrews, to encourage and exhort one another. Another scripture tells us to edify one another and you are no exception to that, dear artiste! A testimony, a short story, a verse from your song, a quote, etc whatever the Lord leads you to do, please do share! A lot of people admire you, and many can tell how ‘deep’ you are by what you post. I know many of you have probably been in-boxed for advice or for help on a couple of personal issues, remember you are ministers so that will always happen. However, you ought to be grounded in the Lord in order to give godly counsel, and let me repeat, a person can always tell the difference between the fake and the real deal.

4. Music. Being the artiste that you are, I believe that your social media should reflect that. A page littered with various links to your music is proof enough. Keep reminding your fans, updating on new music or videos, it shows your fans that you care enough to let them know what you are up to. I like what a particular artiste does, he updates on upcoming videos and goes ahead to tag as many people as possible. Just awesome.

5. Interaction. Yes the music links and all the updates we like them, but don’t just do that all the time. Do interact with your fans on your accounts. Make them feel there is a human being behind there. Reply to their comments and tweets or even messages sometimes. It won’t take much, but it harvests a lot. Don’t let the ‘celebrity’ status rule you, be yourself. You only need your fans when you release a song or have an upcoming concert, then after you disappear, you can stick around.

6. Balance all Accounts. We have people who prefer Facebook to twitter, others twitter is more interesting than Facebook. So, while you only update you’re Facebook, your fans on twitter miss out and the reverse is true. Update all your accounts regularly, keep all parties informed. If you don’t know twitter or instagram, Please learn or you’re missing out. 

7. Some things are not social. Social media can sometimes be a cruel place, one mistake and it will rip you apart. Don’t make you’re ‘so personal’ issues social, if you have beef with so and so, please deal with it offline, don’t tell us how your ‘better half’ is acting funny.

8. AOB: Any Other Business. Now, there’s the artiste’s page and the personal account, which is run whichever way they want they want them to be run. This means, pictures, news, information, humor, etc is according to one’s preference. Again I should warn, be very careful with the humor and the pictures because many can be misinterpreted…it calls for discernment. Before posting something, ask yourself; would Jesus like This? If yes, by all means go ahead but if not, I beg, think twice.

And with that I conclude, I pray that it has blessed you and remember, we are watching you!

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