Don’t Run Away

Ever wanted to have some real peace and quiet?  Let all else fade away and be left alone?  In your world where all goes by you the way you want it? Well, Boo you! That’s never going to happen.

The world won’t bow to you, not now, not ever. You, my dear, just have to deal with it. Self pity, sympathy, not a good solution either.  Eloping? Give me a break.  That just means you are nothing but a coward, a crybaby.

You are not the first to be challenged or be faced by a tough situation. You are just like everyone else, but with your way of thinking, I am afraid noone is like you. The farther you run from your problem, the faster it catches up with you.

So please, save yourself the long ride back to the  start and man up now. You have to hang tough and face the situation head on.  And remember this, noone’s bravery and courage are put to waste. If you are ready, buckle up for your destination is victory.



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