Esie Love’s A Mighty Man of Valour

He has his hopes, his dreams, and his memories

As he makes his way along the journey of life

He is courageous, bold and strong

To the Lord he gives thanks

Both in good and bad times

All day long



He is patient and kind

He is never boiled over with jealousy

For he is ever conscious of the leadings

And the promptings of the Holy Spirit

His ways are directed by God

A righteous man in all he does


With love in the loving cup,

Whenever he is wrong,  he admits it;

Whenever he is right, shuts up.

Just for the sake of peace

He never picks a fight but rather

Seeks to make peace wherever he goes


His faith, it stays strong

Praying for the lost to find their way home

His heart for the lord

He puts nothing above

But yet God finds it fit

To give it to the one with his missing rib

His one and only true love

He is a man who fears the Lord


He is a mighty man of Valour.


A Poem Written By: Esie Love

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