Expressing Life In Melody And Words – Isabel Twongyeirwe

“People see music as entertainment only, but I think it’s more than that. Its art – an expression of life in melody and words,” says Isabel Twongyeirwe. “I’ve had people comment on my music and say, it’s different. Yet what they mean is it’s not as entertaining. Sometimes, I’ve felt I should change my music to suit what people want to hear. But then it would not be art in its essence anymore.”

 To overcome people’s perceptions, Isabel chose to do things differently.

“When I released my debut project, the Chaotic Heart EP, I used the platforms Soundcloud and Bandcamp. A lot of the kind of music I make is found on those platforms.”

Another thing she did was release the EP unmixed and unmastered.

Isabel’s friends and family have always been supportive of her musical endeavors.

“I am a broke university student with no money to afford all that one ideally would. 

When she set out to record her debut project, she approached her friends, Lagum Owor and Inyanga John who do production and they helped her out.

“I produced two songs on the EP – ‘Unsafe’ and ‘I’ll be waiting’,” says Lagum. “Isabel is easy to work with. She is extremely talented, and has an amazing voice which she can do a lot with. The way she comes up with ideas is always inspiring to me. She has the mind of a producer.”

“It was fun working with her. I’m sure most producers would say the same thing. Working on those songs was one of the most spontaneous studio sessions I’ve ever had,” Lagum says.

“I had other friends who helped me out with the album art and pictures for the EP,” says Isabel. “I also had another group of friends that helped me share posts on Facebook and repost on Soundcloud. If it weren’t for those guys, nothing would have happened.”

Isabel’s brothers Isaac and Isaiah Twongyeirwe were also instrumental in the production of the EP.

“We are all sort of musical so they are my mentors, my critics, and my help,” she says. “I’m glad I have them. They helped by reminding me of who I am. My brothers would tell me I am a storyteller and a writer and that I should use that. With all these people, who are really close to me, I was reminded directly and otherwise of what I was and am trying to do.”

“I want to show people expression is art and it’s beautiful. I hope someday someone else is inspired to do the same as I was. I sort of learnt this from bands such as Switchfoot and writers like Joy Williams. It’s only about the art for them. And I think that’s awesome. The depth of their art is a testament to that.”

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