Fire Fall Album (By Kingsley n Phila)


Isn’t it amazing how beautiful music lives on? It doesn’t matter when it hit the scene, real music does not die. From 2011 to 2013 flags still fly for Kingsley and Phila, the duo released their album fire fall in 2011, here we are 2013 and fire fall is still going strong. Now that only and only goes for incredible albums.

Fire fall album comes with a fusion of reggae, dance-hall, RnB, and House music though the duo is credited for its unique reggae taste that distinguishes them from other musicians on the globe.

The album comes with a total of 18 adorable tracks:


  1. Sweet love
  2. Over comer
  3. Jah rise
  4. Fire fall ft ticktah
  5. Jesus
  6. Soul train
  7. Beauty for righteousness (acoustic)
  8. Zion daughter
  9. Who can compare
  10. Psalms and hymns
  11. You got me going crazy
  12. Fire fall (remix)
  13. African song
  14. Beauty for righteousness (upbeat)
  15. Hatta fire
  16. You make me wanna sing
  17. Zion daughter (remix)

You got me going crazy(remix)The album journeys different themes from glorifying God to patriotism, appreciating beauty and culture, morality, to the role of women in society.

Where as many call their music positive, it is evident that Kingsley and Phila do scriptural music. The album clearly defines the duo as believers who sing to make their faith known no wonder songs like

Jah rise draw the listeners mind to psalm 68:1

Psalms and hymns Ephesians 5:19, Colossians 3:16

Over comer 1 john 5:4

It definitely goes on and will forever go on which clearly defines the duo as one that will not compromise on anything ranging from their faith down to the quality of their sound.

Here comes 2013, you have just got a preview of their upcoming album and you already love it.

“Mad love”, “Secret”, it’s just the beginning. Ladies and gentlemen ………brace yourselves for an unforgettable journey with kingsley and phila nonstop 2013.

Here is an official mix by one of the Sulphuric Deejays, Deejay Awar


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