Freedom Mixtape

For the last half of last year, to a music fanatic who was aware of what was happening in the Kenyan music arena, the word FREEDOM would have meant one word MUSIC. The Kenyan brothers had been agressively working on a mixtape. The project seeemed to be headed by Rigga, one of the artistes.

This mixtape featured a host of artistes including Rigga, Bupe, BlackSkillz, gEO, X-po, Kanjii, Astar, Haimie, Ueta, Kris Eeh Baba, Noel Nderitu, Kamlesh, Rizen Rizon (Zambia), Moji, Michelle, Holy Dave, Jaya.

Ranging from songs to sing to in the shower, to danceable songs, to head bobbing songs, surely this was a master piece.

The mixtape was powered by the maestro producer Jaaz Odongo, surely this was good quality music which was released for free download. If you love good music, you had better pick yourself this one here.

Here is a song from the mix tape, Hello Freedom by Kanjii


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