GAWVI – Holding Hue: Album Review

Artist: Gawvi

Genre: Dance

Album: Lost in Hue

Rating: 4.5/5

Gawvi is back with his new EP Holding Hue. It is a step forward for Gawvi but I can’t say it’s the best work of art he’s ever made.

This album has an Electro-Pop feel whereas “Lost In Hue” has elements of 80’s and 90’s dance grooves and trap music.

The first song off the EP is “Desires” featuring Darrien Safron. It kicks off with a basic progression and stays the same throughout, with Gawvi and Darrien singing a melody over it.

It is a good song, but doesn’t feel that original. “Desires” is monotonous musically but manages to maintain an energetic dance feel throughout.

You Still Got Me” featuring Jocelyn Bowman is the second song on the E.P.
It has a slower tempo than “Desires” featuring a nice African beat on the chorus. An element many EDM songs nowadays have.

Don’t Have To Feel Sorry” featuring Darrien Safron and John Givez is my favorite song on the album.

This divine piece of art is the best combination of Rap and R&B I’ve heard in a while. It starts off with a smooth R&B chord progression that forces you to shake your head to the groove.

The last song, “Free“, features T-Jay who sounds like Papa San with his energetic voice.
This song has a strong Caribbean feel to it which I liked.

I personally preferred “Lost In Hue” to this album hence my rating. That’s just me. Don’t let that stop you from listening to this album – maybe even more than “Lost In Hue.”

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