How To Contact An Artist For Content – The First Time


This article is if for those who would like to start sourcing content directly from musicians with the goal of establishing a long term relationship with them.

Presented below are techniques Wemix has used to reach different artists. Feel free to adapt whole or part of this process to suit your needs. 


Follow The Artist On Social Media  

Because of the growth of technology and more importantly, social media, there are a number of online platforms that one can use to reach an artist for the first time. 

An artist can be reached via:

1. Twitter – this social network is very effective for getting information out to users quickly.

A lot of people use Twitter frequently and it has proven useful to us when we are looking to make immediate communication with an artist.

We have used Twitter to contact these individuals on a number of occasions:

Phila how-to



Sam Kimera

Kali 21

Deejay Tactix 


Saint Emrise



Sophy Yah

Kelele Takatifu


 Sammy K

Cris Kesta    

Generale Versatile plus many more.

2. Instagram – the engagement by artists on Instagram is also very good. 

3. Facebook – Wemix has three Facebook profiles, the Wemix Group, the page, and the WemixSpeakUnity account which people send friend requests to.

a. Communication via messages using our WemixSpeakUnity account has been very effective. 

b. Messaging a musician through their Facebook page has not always resulted in quick feed back in our experience but it is worth a try.

c. Some artists offer a phone number and/or email address on the “About” section of their page so checking on their info page can result in you getting their phone number or email which are great for business related communication.  


4. Google+ – following an artist on Google+ is also an option. 

5. When a musician follows you in return on Twitter, Instagram, and Google+, it opens up a channel for you to send direct/private messages to their profile. 

6. Whatsapp – is a very good social media platform but it is also a very personal means of communication.

An artist will be suspicious of responding to a request from an unknown number on their smart phone.

We use Whatsapp to contact artists whom we already have a somewhat personal relationship with (we have met them physically before). 

7. Physical meeting – If it is possible to meet the artist personally, ask them for their email, phone number and the contacts of other artists. An artist you meet can provide you with contacts of other artists that musician may know. Don’t pass up that opportunity. 

8. Radio and television presenters, producers and other players in the media industry tend to have a lot of contacts to many artists. 

Messaging Or Phone Calls – Which Is The Best Medium For Getting In Touch With An Artist? 

Each medium has its advantages and disadvantages

Phone Calls –  Advantages:

1. When you call an artist’s number or their manager’s number, they can respond to your request immediately. By immediately meaning you will be told if the artist is willing to submit their content to you or not. 


1. The disadvantage of phone calls is an artist may quickly forget to honor your request in good time because of the busyness of life. 

Messaging: email – social media – phone text messages:


1. An advantage of email over phone calls is that the communication remains on permanent record between the two parties. 

2. Email is very good for file transfers of media rich content like audio clips, photos and videos. 

3. Gmail offers 15GB of space on its platform.


1. A musician may take a while to reply an email message. 


1. Use both mediums if possible. 

2. Call up the artist and ask if he/she can avail you with their email address. 

3. Sending an email message to an artist after a phone call will ensure greater chances of him/her acting upon your request since an email message will be on record for the two parties to refer to. 

Email offers a formal platform for Wemix to send its Formal Content Request Documents that inform an artist about our service offering and how they can send their content to us.

A key stage in the artist contact process is acquiring the email address of the artist.

These are other ways you can get the email address of an artist:

a) Search for their contacts on the Google search engine: for example: type “contacts for Daddy Owen Kenya”. After the search has been completed click on the relevant links to find their social media, email, or even phone contacts. 

b) Search for them on different social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google plus. 

c) Like their Facebook page, and/or follow them on those networks. 

d) Some artists avail their personal or booking contacts on social media. If the artist has done so, write down their email and/or phone number and save it to your email.


e) If an artist does not have any contacts on their social media, send them a message through their online profiles (Twitter – direct messages, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Instagram). 

This is the template for the message we send to artists we are doing business with for the first time on social media: 

A Greeting, [Dear – followed by artist name or the titles, “Sir” or “Madam” – ending with a comma after their name]

My name is (mention your first name). I work for Wemix [mention the name of the platform you represent here], a Christian entertainment company from Uganda [mention your country of origin especially if you are contacting an artist based outside of your country].

We would like to publish your music, videos, event promotions and other content you may have on our website: [mention the name of your website or blog here].

We will also share your content to our social media audience. May I have your email address so I can send you our Formal Content Request documents? 

f) Some artists display their contacts on social media accounts.  

If the artist has only displayed their phone number: 

1. Call the number preferably between Monday and Saturday during the time frame of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm in the evening.  

2. Here is the script for calling an artist: 

Caller: Hello 

Recipient: Hello  

Caller: My name is [mention your name]. I work for Wemix, a Christian entertainment company from Uganda.

We would like to publish your music, videos, event promotions and other content you may have on our website:

We would also like to share your content to our social media audience. May I have your email address so I can send you our formal request document?  

Recipient: I would like to know more about you before I make such a decision.

Caller: Yes, we would like to send you our complete artist request documents via email. May you please give me your email address? 

Recipient: Yes, I would like to.

Caller: Can you please send it to me via text or read it out to me?

It is better to request that he/she sends you the email via text. However, if the recipient decides to read out the email, make sure that you have the right spelling of his/her email address. When the recipient sends you the text, reply with: 

Received – Thank you

If the artist does not pick up immediately, keep trying again at intervals of 1 hour or 2 hours. 

Sometimes after repeated calling, the recipient will ask you to send a text message instead. If that is the case, text this message to the recipient and send to the number. 

Hello, my name is [mention your name]. I work for Wemix [name of your company], a Christian entertainment company from Uganda.

We would like to publish your music, videos, event promotions and other content you may have on our website:

We would also like to share your content to our social media audience. May I have your email address so I can send you our formal content request document?   

If a contact email address is available, proceed to launch a Formal Content Request. 

Launch A Formal Content Request

The Formal Content Request is a series of documents that educates the artist about what you as an organization has to offer them and how they can submit their content to you. These are the documents that make up the Wemix Formal Content Request: 

Start with a flow chart – do this in a checklist format

A. Artist letter: This is a letter that introduces artists to your organization and tells them in a nutshell what you have to offer them and how they can submit their content to Wemix.

The artist letter is saved as a Microsoft Word document so it can be copied and pasted into an email interface. It is not sent as an attachment to artists. Remember to customize the salutation or greeting of the artist letter.

The generic salutation is Dear artist/artist representative: change it to the name of the artist you are contacting. Download a sample artist letter here

Attach the following files to the request document: 

B. Company Profile: This document gives an overview about your organization and its various operations. Download Here

C. Your Artist Offering: This letter explains in detail what you have to offer to an artist. Download Here

D. Your Company Content Submission Policy: This gives detailed guidelines that an artist must follow when submitting their content to us. Download Here

E. Your Artist Database: The purpose of this document is to familiarize the artist with the artists whose content is already hosted on our website. An artist can contact us in the future requesting contacts for an artist they would like to collaborate with. Download here

F. Your Website Analytics for the Current Year:  

Tactics for increasing the possibility of connecting with artists: 

1. Make sure you follow each and every artist on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram. We have had success particularly on Twitter where artists like Kelele Takatifu have contacted us personally before we contacted them. 

2. Some artists avail some of their personal or booking contacts on their social media profiles. This is another way we can look at contacting the artists. 

3. Whenever we have an opportunity to meet an artist, ask them for contacts of other artists, producers, deejays and other media contacts we may not have on your database.

4. Some musicians have performed in Uganda so it is a good idea to reach out to artists who have performed in Uganda before. 

5. If the artist is foreign and has performed in Uganda, they will be more receptive to what you have to offer because they have worked with Ugandan organizations. 

This is a list of some artists on the African continent who have performed in Uganda. It is organized based on their countries of origin: 


a) Daddy Owen 

b) Kelele Takatifu 

c) Bahati 

d) MOG

e) DK Kwenye Beat

f) Kris Erroh 


a) Pompi

b) Mag 44

c) Abel Chungu

Because these artists have worked with Ugandans before, we believe they will be more receptive to what you have to offer. 

  1. Download the article here.
  2. Download a spreadsheet that enables to help you make this process work for you here. 


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