Interview With Brian Wade; Speaks About Music.

Born and raised in Busega, Nateete and passionate about Christian Rap, we delve into who Brian Wade is in light of his music(with an upcoming Mixtape around the corner), his motivation and aspirations as an artist.

Q: Where did Brian ‘Wade’ the name come from? 

A: My full names are Brian Segujja so I just added ‘Wade’. Wade means resistant. To wade means to move through any obstacle. It can be a river, water or whatever.

Q: Where do you come from?

A: Busega, that’s where I lived. Busega Nateete.

Q: Why of all genres did you choose Rap?

A: I chose Rap because that’s what I felt doing. I can do a lot of other genres but I felt Rap more. It’s my kind of thing.

Q: What other genre of music can you do?

A: I can do Reggae and RnB

Q: Who is your biggest role model in music? Who do you look up to and why?

A: There are two people I look up to.

Nas: Because of his lyrical maturity and the word play. Regardless of the fact that he is a secular artiste, I like the way he expresses himself while rapping.

The second person is LeCrae. His perseverance and his definition of Christian rap, his life and how he has managed to breakthrough.

Q: 5 years from now, where do you hope to be as a musician/rapper?

A: Definitely an international Rap figure repping Christian Rap

Q: How do you hope to achive the above?

A: Just working hard and working with various people. People who are good and also keeping my focus on Jesus.

Q: How long have been rapping?

A: I started doing rap when I was in Form 2. Just general rap, cyphers, beat boxing but I started recording in Form 4 but I wasn’t straight. I did secular Rap until Form 5.

Q: So what changed and caused you to go into Christian Rap?

A: Basically my mum was a Christian and I was a Christian too. I used not to know that there was gospel Rap those days. So I started discovering artistes that do Christian Rap and I finally found them.

Q: So what would you advise that young rapper out there?

A: What I believe is that everybody upcoming is good and talented. So you need to work hard whether you’re gospel or secular and make sure you do music that’s good and can take you somewhere. Then you also do it for love.

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