Interview with International DJ Living Waters

International reggae Dj Patrick O’Cock, aka Living Waters, of Maltese origin happened to be on a mission trip to Uganda between March 08th-15th 2015, the agenda of which was to participate in a Christian Conference organized by Michael Pallato of Calvary Ministries.

We had the opportunity to catch up with this humble gospel mix powerhouse at our offices in Bukoto, Kampala. Patrick O’Cock, who is a property and real estate manager and multi-tasking as a Reggae DJ, had a wealth of experience and wisdom to exchange with us when we caught up with him.

On seeing DJ Patrick, your first impression is that of a humble soul with such charisma and warmth from the way he communicates. He gives you the smile, a brotherly hug, and humbles himself to listen to what you have to say.

The low tone, soft-spoken gentleman, you could say, is African in white skin, He loves Africa and loves to feast on ‘’Rolexes’’ [chapatti mixed with fried eggs] and banana paste—all which are staple delicacies in the Pearl of Africa.

DJ Patrick believes that while history says that Uganda is the Pearl of Africa, it is truer to say, “…the people of Uganda are the pearl of Africa.” He expresses a sense of belonging because of the way he was received and loved by the people in Uganda.

In our interaction, we went ahead to paint for him a picture of the current state of the gospel music industry in Uganda—sharing with him the challenges being faced and milestones the industry has achieved thus far. Asked to tell how he perceives the Ugandan industry, he said,

“…well, I have received some gospel music from Uganda, including Kingsley Williams, Kaweesa Phila, General Versatile, and a few others. I really was impressed with Kingsley, with [his] quality, professionalism…I really rate it highly…up there!

I see people exploding with vision. There’s so much talent here. And it’s good having all these platforms that promote the music so that people can [access] and buy the music…to enable the distribution…”

Living Waters went ahead to share his testimony of how he got saved,

“…I have passion for music, and when I love something, I get hyper-focused and my focus is gospel reggae. I was a lover of reggae since I was fourteen years old. My introduction was Bob Marley, which led me into this “Rasta” culture, and into [the use of] Weed…”

He honestly narrates of how he got into mental confusion about life and harboring questions about Rastafarian culture, what was right and wrong, and what was truth and lie.

While in Bangkok, he tells of how he sold his passport to an Indian man for a little dime to use to survive. Later he would be shocked to find that same passport and an air ticket under his bed. He exclaims, ‘’It just showed up! Miraculously’’

While in this period of confusion, he met a Swedish man on a boat in a Malta, who told him to paint his life story. Patrick loves art, so it was easy for him to give an accurate visual impression on a physical medium, to tell how his life had unfolded up to that point in time.

The depictions from the painting were very convicting; Patrick realized what such a mess his life was. The Swedish man told him, “You need Jesus,” to which Patrick agreed, and went ahead to pray a simple prayer to receive Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior. He says of the experience,

“…after that prayer, I felt a tingling in my body, and this whole weight being lifted from me. I felt…that’s it! I am free!”

The Swedish man gave Patrick a home assignment to read Ephesians 6, since he had confessed that he wanted to be a warrior for Christ. And he does not know where that confession came from.

Gladly, when he returned home, he did read Ephesians 6, and all about the whole armor of God. He found himself getting the entire Weed, and flushing it down the toilet. He felt he did not need it anymore.

He also went ahead to get rid of all the secular reggae collection, so that he would create room to be renewed in his life. Talk about getting rid of all the junk in our life, to create space to be filled with God’s life and presence! I was particularly touched by this part of the story.

After giving his life to Jesus, and getting rid of all the secular reggae collections, Patrick’s journey into Gospel reggae continued when he came across a CD titled ‘’Reggae Worship’’ at a store in Malta.

He bought that volume, and a few others, and more…and eventually built his Christian reggae collection. This altogether increased his acquaintance with this genre of music, which opened doors for him to present a Gospel Reggae show on GOD radio in Greece.

The invite was extended to him by a lady called Eva Gongod, a long time presenter at the station, who was more versed with CEDM [Christian Electronic Dance Music]. From that point, he received more invites to do shows in other stations based in New York, Carrebeans, and his own country Malta.

All these platforms have been an opportunity for him to spread the message of Jesus Christ through Christian music, with particular focus on Gospel Reggae. He has been able to reach out to many people, especially the staunch subscribers to the Rastafarian culture and ghetto dwellers. He has dealt with a multitude of Gospel artistes from all over the world through his ministry—artistes from the Caribbean, Africa, UK, and other parts of the world.

DJ Patrick believes his trip to Uganda is a signal from God, that things are about to get to the next level not only for him, but also his ministry, and the people his ministry reaches. He is positive about doing projects with the Ugandan gospel music fraternity.

His final counsel was encouraging: “be faithful with little. Don’t despise humble beginnings,” going on to testify how God opened for him one door to another, from his small beginnings.

We highly value the opportunity we got to exchange experiences with DJ Patrick O’Cock, and we can gladly say with confidence that the prospects ahead are immense.

The future is bright for not only Gospel Reggae, but for the whole Christian music industry in Uganda. We believe by prayer we shall make manifest all that God has predestined for Christian art and entertainment.

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