Interview with Jennifer Mirembe ahead of the Look Look Concert

So, who is Jennifer Mirembe? 

Jennifer Mirembe is a Gospel Recording artiste and, mother of two and I have recorded a few albums, first one was ‘Afaayo’. 


Second is ‘Good To Me’, This other one is a DVD album called ‘Look Look’

Is the DVD album made up of songs from the previous two albums? 

A few and then also, the new ones as well. I am in the process of recording a new one. 

Where are you recording from? 

I have asked a Nigerian music producer to come over because there are some tracks I want to do that have their beats in it. He will come over to do that after my concert. 

Do you write all your music? 

I don’t write all but most of it. The ones I don’t write are locally known Praise songs that I redo. 

Who is Jennifer Mirembe the person? 

I would say I am very laid back. What you see isn’t what you get. Some people say, “You are too quiet and laid back for you to sing. So they don’t really think I sing. I am a very…… Uhmmm… people person. I love people. I love being around people. Then, I like helping people as well. 

And…. I had there is something you are doing with the proceeds from the concerts. Tell us about it. 

What I want to do is use my concert as a platform. I have a vision to build a worship center where people can come and do concerts. I have an idea of something like Joyous Celebration. If we could have it here in Uganda, where Gospel Artistes have a platform to showcase their music but don’t have to hire a theater or auditorium to hold concerts. 

Where has Jennifer Mirembe been? 

I have been living in the UK for the past ten years and I just came back recently about two years ago. I was born in Tororo. Both my parents died when I was fourteen. When they died, they did not leave  a house for us.

My father was rich but did not built a house. So when he died we were thrown out of the company house. Our relatives also rejected us. We were homeless. When we came to Kampala, I faced a lot rejection and ended up staying at the church. 

One day a man of God came from the UK, picked six girls from the worship team and I was among them. He took us to the UK to sing. They invited us again the following year and I stayed back. An old man asked me to visit him.

I was afraid because I didn’t know him. I told my friend and she told me, “Those people are usually PIMPS. I somehow felt a push to go. When I went he told me he wanted to leave for me his house when he passed on. I was scared and I ran to my pastor who drove to this man’s house.

My pastor told me, I think he is okay. Of course that’s when my life changed. Through that man I got established in the UK after a while I got married to a man from Uganda and got two kids. That’s how God transformed my life from nothing to where I am. I don’t have everything but I have seen the hand of God. 

Who do you see as the audience for your music?. 

I want my music to cut across. I have been invited to tour in Nigeria, the US and The UK because they have heard my testimony and would like me to share it. 

What should we expect at the concert? 

(She smiles and says) Oh My God. It is going to be great. We have a live band. We have invited other Gospel Artistes like Jackie Senyonjo, Joy Tendo, Pamela Ssenyonga, Brian Lubega, Levixone and other artistes as well. 


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