Interview With Lily White Marion

Who is Lily White Marion?

My real name is Marion Magala. I am a singer and song writer. 

Are you in a relationship? 

I am married. My husband does not like the limelight so I won’t bring him up. 

Are you from a family with a musical background? 

My entire family is musically gifted. 

When did you start singing and when did you decide to become a professional musician? 

I have been singing since the age of 3 and my dad says that even before that I’d whine a tune to songs. From the age of 6 till today, I’d sing like a professional…that’s a fact. I decided to share my musical journey with the rest of the world in 2013. 

What style of music do you do?

I do Afro Pop because I fuse Pop with different African rhythms. 

The Journey Man ProjertKT recently announced you as their new artist. How did you get to strike a deal with them? 

I got to meet the manager through Facebook. He realized I was the kind of artiste he was looking for, so he decided to sign me. I said yes because that’s exactly what I needed at the time. 

Do you play any instruments? 


Do you write your music? If so, where do you draw your inspiration from? 

I write my own music. God and life inspire me. 

Do you have any role models?

Darlene Zschech, Natalie Grant and Brian Lubega are my role models. 

What is your view on the Ugandan Gospel music industry? Is it stagnant, going somewhere, or moving backwards?

It’s going somewhere…I used not to pay attention to it because it was cliché’ and boring. Currently, so many artists have come up with quality stuff, style and good production. 

What impact do you hope to have on this industry? 

I want to leave a legacy of songs that will stand the test of time. I dig deep and take my time in order to produce quality music. I pay attention to every detail of my songs. Besides the presentation, I would like to ensure that the name of God is glorified and that people’s lives are changed through my music. 

Do you have any music out? Where can potential listeners find it? 

Yes, I have two singles, “Don’t You Worry and Come Home.” You can listen to my music on Reverbnation, Soundcloud and all Christian radio stations in Uganda. 

Any plans to release new music? 

I will release more music once my singles, “Don’t You Worry” and “Come Home” have received enough airplay. 

Any last words for people out there? 

I am looking forward to sharing my musical journey with you. 



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  1. Jackson says:

    I love her music.
    Marion the sky is the limit.. am looking forward for the bright future that is a head of you.

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